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Positive Counseling Example

This counseling will be highlighting your outstanding performance during the month of November with regards to your actions in support of the successful execution of BLANK STX during DD-DD MMM YY.

XXXXX, during the month, before the FTX, you were tasked with the completion of ____ scheduled services of which you completed in a timely manner with little to no supervision needed. You were instrumental in preparing essential equipment for the FTX and your assistance was greatly acknowledged not only by me but by others. Your actions directly supported the successful launch of operations during the occupation of the assembly area.

XXXXXX, during the days of the FTX, you, among many, was tasked with much to do with little to no guidance on how to accomplish your task. Most, if not all, the Soldiers in our platoon were independent and mature when accomplishing the tasks asked of them. No sensitive items were lost. Injuries and medical complications were held to a minimum. Soldiers communicated consistently with their leadership and followed the guidance given. In my years of service, I’ve only seen one FTX better than this and its success wasn’t because of the Soldiers.

XXX, you were consistently early, in position and in uniform every morning for “Stand-to”. Your whereabouts and that of your sensitive items were always known. When tasked to perform duties, your attitude was that of a model Soldier. You performed the basic tasks of soldiering to include, yet not limited to: forming a hasty fighting position, building an improved fighting position, utilizing night vision goggles, operating a vehicle during low-light restriction, convoy operations and ECP operations.

During the FTX, you were not identified in a negative connotation by myself nor by any other leader. I personally felt no need to micromanage you nor provide corrective training for actions unbecoming of a Soldier. I believe you possess the potential to accomplish not only the tasks given to you but also those given to that of an NCO. From your exemplary performance in support of the Battalion FTX through maturity and self-less service, I strongly consider you ready for the next level.

Understand that your recent success will be continually expected from you in the future. With time in service, your ability to soldier should become better, not worse. Progression is essential in today’s Army. I shall support your progression only if you support it yourself. I ask that you continue to perform as you have during this FTX.

Continue to maintain your equipment. Re-read and re-commit to the Soldier’s Creed. Those words meant something to you then and they should mean something to you now and for as long as you are a US Army Soldier.

Please note any actions, tasks or achievements I may have failed to mention in the Session closing below.


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