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Positive Counseling Examples

Recommending someone for a medal or other award isn't the only way to recognize performance that exceeds standards. At the lower end of the recognition spectrum are the encouraging words expressed during positive counseling. Although widely considered less meaningful than an Achievement Medal or other decoration, a few sincere, well-chosen words in a positive counseling can still pack a knockout punch! Positive counseling, received from a Soldier's supervisor can have a huge and lasting impact on a Soldier's attitude and motivation.

Positive counseling is one of the most important tools in a supervisor's toolbox. It costs nothing but a few minutes of your time yet pays big dividends in pride and loyalty. Positive counseling is appropriate for just about any circumstance where a Soldier goes above and beyond the call of duty. There is no official guidance on what to write in a positive counseling. Below are a few excerpts from positive counselings that may be used as a starting point for writing yours.


Excellent progress on training. At this rate, you will be fully qualified in 6 months, something that has never been done before here. Just be careful not to sign off on training tasks before you're ready. Your improvement at this level of training comes from asking any questions. If I don't know the answer I will get the answer for you and get back to you. Continue to push through deployment tasks and don't hesitate to ask myself or any NCO in the squad anything that you may need.

You are receiving this counseling in order to recognize your performance at the Soldier of the Month Board this month and for being named Soldier of the Month for November 2016. You spent significant amounts of your own personal time studying by yourself, with me, and with others in our unit to accomplish this objective. I'd like to say congratulations and that I greatly appreciate your exemplary, outstanding performance before the Soldier of the Month Board. Excellent job and keep up the good work! Your actions reflect good credit upon you, your unit, and the Judge Advocate Generals Corps of the United States Army!

You are receiving this counseling in order to highlight your performance on the APFT 2 mile run conducted on 6 April 2016 with the troop. You finished with a time of 11:48 which exceeds army standard and unit standard by far. Your time was also a personal record and the fastest in the troop. I'd like to say congratulations and that I greatly appreciate your display of physical fitness. Excellent job keep up the good work!

Specialist Johnson, I would like to thank you for your hard work and dedication to the Head Quarters Company during the "Spring Cleaning" mission last week on 16 May, 2014. You were asked to assist MSG Dilday in any way you could. You were able to complete twice as much work as the entire company in half the amount of time. This kind of dedication can get you far in the Army. You have been awarded the title of "Solder of the Week." I am recommending you for a Certificate of Achievement. It is vital that you make an attempt to stand out from your peers. I suggest you start preparing for the Soldier of the Month board in order to continue to progress in your career. Let me know if you need any help in preparing. This experience can help you to prepare for your promotion board in the future. Again, great job on the hard work last week and continue to strive for excellence in everything you do!

SGT Webster, during the past 2 weeks you have been in competition for the Expert Field Medical Badge.

You were awarded the EFMB, Congratulations! You successfully completed all of the following tasks;

Comprehensive Written Test

Day and night land navigation courses.

12-mile road march with a standard fighting load to be completed in three hours.

Tactical Combat Casualty Care Tasks; Perform a TCCC patient assessment, Triage casualties, Control bleeding using a tourniquet, hemostatic device, and dressings, Initiate a saline lock and IV, Initiate treatment for hypovolemic shock & prevent hypothermia, Insert nasopharyngeal airway, Treat a penetrating chest wound, Perform needle chest decompression, Treat an open abdominal wound, Treat a casualty with an open head injury, Immobilize a suspected fracture of the arm, Treat eye lacerations/contusions/extrusions.

Medical and Casualty Evacuation Tasks; Evacuate a casualty using a SKED litter and litter carries, Evacuate casualties using one- or two-person carries or drags, Extricate a casualty from a vehicle, Establish a helicopter landing point, Load casualties onto a helicopter, ground evacuation platform, and two nonstandard vehicles.

Warrior Skills Tasks; Protect self from chem/bio contamination with protective mask, Decontaminate self with chemical decon kits, Protect self from CBRN injury or contamination with JSLIST gear, Store protective mask, Protect self from bio/chem contamination when removing JSLIST, Perform self-aid for mild nerve agent poisoning, Correct malfunction of M16 or M4, Disassemble, assemble, and perform functions check of an M9 pistol and an M16 (or M4) rifle, Move under direct fire, react to indirect fire, and react to an UXO or possible IED, Move over, through, and around obstacles.

Communications Tasks; Assemble and operate SINCGARS or SINCGARS (ASIP) w/o ANCD, Load FH/COMSEC data and conduct radio check using SINCGARS / SINCGARS (ASIP), Prepare and Transmit a MEDEVAC request (All 9 lines) (No longer a Mandatory GO), Submit an NBC 1 Report, Submit an Explosive Hazard Spot Report.

Your work this month has been outstanding. As a supervisor, I don't have favorites but I have not failed to notice how you come in and get right to work and make sure the job gets done. You have a level of maturity that is rare in first-term soldiers and it shows. You are the only one I can count on to be here on time and the only one who ever asks if there is anything that needs to be done and I sincerely appreciate it. It makes my job easier and has made our shift more productive. These sterling qualities will carry you a long way toward your goals in the Army. Good job and keep up the good work.

Congratulations on your placement on the Commandant's List for exceeding course standards and scoring in the top 10% of your class while attending Warrior Leader Course at Fort Indiantown Gap, PA. In addition, you led your peers as a student PSG and, out of 215 Soldiers, scored the highest on leadership. You have represented our unit well and it is my hope that you will share what you have learned with your peers here. Again, congratulations and get with MSG Walker to schedule a day off.

Plus one for a great month. You might think that your actions have gone unnoticed but they haven't. I appreciate the hard work you put in to make sure that jobs are taken care of and the log is kept up to date. These actions may seems small and routine but they are literally the foundation on which our readiness and success are built. Without your dependable behind-the-scenes labors, taskings would fall through the cracks and SSG Johnson and SFC Siler would be making excuses to the Chief of Maintenace rather than receiving praise. I know it was you who identified the RED OCTOBER problems and brought them to B Battery's attention and helped solve our admin support issues. It's actions like these that make a good Soldier and I am proud to say you are on my team.

As _____, you were an asset to the XXXth INF BDE NCO of the Quarter competition held on 20 April 2013. With limited time and on short notice, you accepted the challenge and devoted numerous off-duty hours to plan, develop and implement a land Navigation course that tested the technical and tactical skills of all the NCOs who participated in the competition. Your expertise and knowledge in land navigation were vital in creating realistic day and night land navigation courses and helped produce the best competiton in years.

I want to thank you for the work you did this month, especially your volunteering for the deployment to Iraq. It's this kind of teamwork and sacrifice that makes the Army the family that it is. In addition, your efforts in fixing our benchstock issues have resolved an issue that has dogged our site since it was set up 5 years ago. For the first time our supply documents match what we actually have on hand and our maintenance account has increased by $200,000.00 which makes our projected readiness much better than expected. Good luck in Iraq and hurry back. We need you here.

Your performance over the last month has been exemplary. Your initiative and attention to detail have been outstanding. Your reliability in reviewing training and making sure all shortfalls were quickly corrected allowed me to focus on other taskings and effectively multiplied our efficiency. Our platoon is now first in training and we are poised to take first in maintenance. Your foresight and follow-through is directly responsible for our improvement and I look forward to next's month's counseling.

Your conduct over the last several months exceeds standards and all expectations. Your assistance in the preparation for movement to training as temporary/acting Supply Sergeant and Armorer and timely reporting of all logistical requirements and statuses to include accounting for and securing 140 weapons and support for lodging and meals for 150 Soldiers was critical to the success of the operation. Your tireless participation in virtually all additional duties was instrumental in the success of those activities and the successful validation of the 9th CERF-P DECON element.

Thanks for keeping your head while the business with SSG Johnson was on-going. I know it was a distraction and I appreciate you keeping a level head and maintaining the status quo while the other members were absent at times to testify on his behalf. Your maturity and ability kept us on target prevented us from falling behind at a time that was really critical for our shop. As we get ready to deploy, the whole battalion can rest assured that we are 100% prepared and fully equipped, thanks to you.

While assigned to the JTF-71, your service as primary RTO in the Tactical Operations Center was exceptional. Your continuous alert posture and ability to recognize and relay time-sensitive information in a timely manner was a key component to our mission's success.

Your ability to battle track, maintain radio logs, and simultaneously update DCO provided continuous situational awareness and kept all units informed on weather updates, LOGSTATS, PERSTAT, medical evacuation status, and ongoing operations and was a major factor to the success of the Brigade Tactical Operations Center.

Your charting of all CCIRs and RFIs was clear and professional and provided critical information for the Battle Captain to use in making informed decisions.

Excellent progress on training. At this rate, you will be fully qualified in 6 months, something that has never been done before here. Just be careful not to sign off on training tasks before you're ready.

Your improvement at this level of training comes from asking any questions. If I don't know the answer I will get the answer for you and get back to you. Continue to push through deployment tasks and don't hesitate to ask myself or any NCO in the squad anything that you may need.

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