Scripts for Ceremonies

This page is for ceremony scripts for Change of Command, Promotion, Retirement, etc. We don't have any yet. If you have or find a script, forward it to or paste it into the form below and it will be posted for others to use. Thanks!

Promotion, Enlisted

By the authority of the Adjutant General of the Alabama National Guard, Fred T. Gray is promoted to the rank of Sergeant First Class-Detachment Sergeant with an effective date of 22 MAY 2022 in accordance with AR 600-8-19.

Promotion, Officer

Order number XX-123456 dated June XX, 202X

The Adjutant General of Alabama has reposed special trust and confidence in the patriotism, valor, fidelity, and professional excellence of Fannie B. Hamer. In view of these qualities, demonstrated leadership potential, and dedicated service to the Army National Guard, Fannie B. Hamer is promoted to the grade of O4/Major with a date of rank XX June XX by order of the Adjutant General.

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