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Self-improvement Award Bullets

While attending Advanced Leaders Course (ALC), SGT XXXXXX was recognized as the "Commandant's List" Awardee. This encompassed: academic tests, group participation, physical training, student PSG, volunteer work and overall class duty performances. In order to achieve this, SGT XXXXXX maintained a grade that exceeded the Commandant's List requirement of 95% with a GPA of 98.35%.

- Pursued off-duty education; completed nine credit hours towards Transportation Management degree

- Deployed, attended training on new deployment planning software at Ft Bragg; braced for transition

- Received contractor-provided resource monitoring training. Increased unit oversight abilityand reduced waste.

- Dedicated to self-improvement through increased education; completed Bachelorís Degree in Information Management at Southern University; earned a 4.0 GPA, graduated with honors and twice on the deanís list

- Installed second instance of intrusion monitoring software, established accounts for all members; multiplied section capability.

- Improvement-oriented; enrolled in Command Action Officer course; 12 of 20 courses completed, 95% average

- Consistently strives for improvement, working diligently towards career progression...recommend promotion

- New member, on site only two months, already 70% qualified; great contribution to growth of cell skills.

- Arranged contractor tutoring of new member on advanced security procedures-- 100% qualified on major task

- Involved in local Head Start Program; read books to over 35 children--bettered community

- Tutored high school students--raised students grade from an "F" to an "A" in a mere four weeks--inspiring!

- Maintained a 3.0 GPA in term 1, 2 with the University of Maryland College while excelling at primary duty

- Dedicated to healthy lifestyle; competed in Okinawa open wrestling tournament--won second place trophy

- Superior performance in all phases of professional military education garnered his selection out of 26 Soldiers as BNCOC Distinguished Graduate for class 06-D!

- Reviews regulations constantly; sharpens knowledge while providing earnest service to all customers

- Utilized process improvement techniques; reduced military performance reporting delays by 75%

- Instituted new quality control inspection procedures; adjusted algorithm, raised customer satisfaction 25%

- Awarded Bachelors Degree for Technical Management from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University; 3.6 GPA

- Exchanged language lessons; learned basic Japanese/taught English--improved important US/Japan relations

- Attended base sponsorship training, passed on info to workcenter--increased in-processing efficiency

- Completed math requirements in pursuit of AA degree; positive example to subordinates

- Top Soldier! Chosen to represent Battalion, selected as the Soldier of the Year 2005

- Currently enrolled at University of North Dakota--earned 9 semester hours with a 3.5 GPA

- Hazardous Material Awareness certified--enhanced skills needed to quickly identify threats to mission

- Best in Command! HQ ARSTRAT's Financial Management Specialist of the Year for 2006

- Earned 19 credit hours toward Bachelors Degree in Information Systems--maintained impressive 3.2 GPA

- Exceeds all training requirements; evident by a 98 percent on his qualification test

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