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Public Affairs

CPL XXXXX's efforts were integral to the overwhelming success of the public affairs mission as part of the larger XXXXX mission. He played a vital role in producing large amounts of high-quality, professional media content for the members of the public, distinguished guests, and internally to support the morale of the soldiers on this mission.

CPL XXXXX released a large number of high quality media products to assist in public affairs. He leveraged his experience, intellect, and education to execute all tasks requested of him, exemplifying core Army values and eagerly requested additional tasks.

CPL XXXXX produced more relevent media than all of the other individuals on the XXXXXX mission public affairs team combined, and all were of high quality and intelligently curated to showcase each aspect of the mission for display to the public in a positive manner.

Notably, CPL XXXXX's products were used by local news media as part of B-Roll footage, helping foster a positive image and impact between local media and Army Public Affairs team members, and the Army as a whole. Without XXXXX, the workload on the public affairs team would increase exponentially and the quality of the media products released would be significantly lower.

Deployment to AFRICOM

SSG Africom contributed to the CG's top priorities by developing leaders through coaching and mentoring of 12 subordinates, three peers, and 18 senior leaders in the implementation, use, and maintenance of the Contingency Command Post (CCP) communications systems in support of five named Operations, two Theater Security Cooperation Events, and 12 Joint Accord Exercises.

SSG Africom was the cornerstone that enabled the CCP communications team to facilitate capable and flexible mission command for USARAF during Lion Focus 16 and Judicious Response 17. SSG Africom seamlessly covered the responsibilities and duties of the CCP Communications Section's OIC and NCOIC for three months while running at 30 percent personnel strength, enabling the successful communication support of Operation Oaken Steel, African Readiness Training, and African Land Forces Summit.

SSG Africom protected the command from financial liabilities and set the standard for inventories by developing a system that meticulously maintained 100 percent accountability of over 400 pieces of equipment and sensitive items valued in excess of four million dollars. He was also responsible for drawing, maintaining accountability, and the destruction of all COMSEC material within the CCP. During his tenure, there were zero reportable COMSEC incidents and minimal down time on tactical communications.

SSG Africom while forward deployed in support of Operation Juniper Micron (OJM) established an emergency radio communications with the Embassy, improving reliability and security for the OJM team members. In addition, he maintained the Joint Coalition Battlefield Information Collection and Exploitation intelligence network (BICES) in support of multiple coalition personnel. His hard work and dedication was crucial to the overall success of the OJM missions.


While assigned to the personnel gate at the North CP, SPC John Doe was able to confiscate five fake Jensiyas, Iraqi Identification Cards from local nationals trying to get on to FOB HAMMER illegally. On the same day at the North Gate SPC John Doe also obtained information from different Iraqi's, that helped provide stability to the region during the elections.

SPC John Doe ensured the Quick Reaction Force was ramped up and ready to proceed to point of origin and point of impact grids, after multiple indirect fire attacks. His immediate actions, erudition of indirect fire drills, and auspicious decision making skills helped lead to the 100% accountability of over 2000 Soldiers and civilians on FOB DELTA.

During the six months SPC John Doe has been deployed, he has gone above and beyond the call of duty taking his own personal time to help improve his fellow Soldiers. SPC John Doe took his own personal time to help two Soldiers pass their APFT exceeding the Army standard by over forty points. In addition, SPC John Doe worked diligently and sought self improvement to pass the Pre-Ranger APFT. He improved his own PT score by 30 points, increasing the Squad average by 20%.

During Operation Iraqi Freedom, SPC John Doe continuously volunteered to work above and beyond his peers during his down time to ensure the 3rd MP Platoon vehicles were fully mission capable. SPC John Doe continuously took initiative to ensure four MRAP's and four HMMWV's were fully mission capable with little to no guidance. SPC John Doe contributed to the platoon by maintaining a 95% operational readiness rate during the first six months of deployment.


SPC Snuffy's skill, competence, and leadership played a vital role in the success of training Second Platoon in preparation for Pacemaker Stakes. SPC Snuffy prepared classes trained and assisted more than thirty Soldiers on numerous tasks. His tact and hard work, positive attitude toward his job, and willingness to accept additional responsibilities were particularly vital to the 617th Engineer Company taking best company in the 864th ENG BN.


SPC Smith's skill, competence, and leadership played a vital role in the success of the Distro Platoon mission. SPC Smith demonstrated exceptional resourcefulness and dedication to duty. His tact and hard work, positive attitude toward his job, and willingness to accept additional responsibilities were particularly vital to Echo Company 1-36 standing up.

SPC Joe spent countless hours picking up, sorting, counting, and delivering Ammo to all of 1-36 IN in order for them to complete Gunnery, Johnie Chimpo, and NTC. His dedication to duty and competence led to the successful completion of over 75 Ammo Section missions, allowing 1-36 IN to deploy trained and ready to succeed.

SPC Joe's attention to detail and superior skill enabled him to be a Gunner on over 7,000 accident and incident free miles in over 200 combat logistical patrols. He was instrumental in providing the Convoy with security necessity for the safe and timely delivery of vital supplies and combat equipment to units operating within the northern Iraqi theater. SPC Joe's contribution was a key factor to the success of these combat logistical patrol operations.


SGT John Doe assisted the 30th Brigade 8th Iraqi Army Divison Headquarters at FOB Hotel through the use of One Station Real Time Situational Awareness (OSRVT) during Ashura. Providing OSRVT capabilities to the Iraqi Army allowed for further situational awareness to the IA and a bird's eye view of over one million local national's who entered Najaf. During a time of increased threat to pilgrims, the OSRVT assisted the IA in making decisions to deter attacks in Najaf.

While assigned as the Battalion S-2 representative at Contingency Operating Station (COS) Endeavor, SGT John Doe has arranged for and adjudicated 184 Contingency Operating Station badges. SGT John Doe's attention to detail and technical expertise affected force protection efficiency rating to 100% during Brigade inspection.

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