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DA Form 638 Examples

Observer Coach Trainer

SSG Reynolds distinguished himself through exceptionally superior service while serving as a Team NCOIC Observer Coach/Trainer (OC/T) assigned to _#_ Battalion, _#_ Infantry Regiment from __date__ to __date__. During this period, SSG Reynolds provided coaching and mentoring during collective training conducted by multiple maneuver, fires, and effects Reserve and National Guard units preparing to deploy in support of worldwide contingency operations.

SSG Reynolds seized every opportunity to develop himself and others on the team. He completed the Stryker Leader course, Advanced Situational Awareness, Combat Life Saver Course, Army Basic Instructor Course and First Anny Academy for OC/T. Additionally, SSG Reynolds was hand selected by the Battalion Commander and Command Sergeant Major to serve on the battalion's Falcon Fitness Committee.

SSG Reynolds' experience of leadership, and knowledge of infantry tactics, were instrumental in enhancing all Observer Coach/Trainer missions. SSG Reynolds served as a company and platoon OC/T for multiple light infantry and Stryker platoons with the _#- Stryker Brigade, _#_ IN, _#_ IN, and _#_ IN. SSG Reynolds has a thorough understanding of the battalion staff duties and was hand selected to support multiple Combat Support Training Exercises and other unique OC/T missions.

SSG Reynolds' contributions exceeded expectations. He created a certification process for the _#_ IN while conducting mobilization training at Fort _______. Additionally, SSG Reynolds was recognized by the leadership of the battalion and the training units for his ability to facilitate and produce relevant after action reviews, leading companies and platoons to self-discover strengths and weaknesses, thus increasing readiness.

S6 Academic Skills Development Program (ASDP)

Instrumental in the implementation of the Academic Skills Development Program (ASDP) course, teaching mathematics and science to students, resulting in an impressive 18% increase in assessment scores. Through dedicated mentorship and support, CPT McKinley significantly contributed to an 80% graduation rate, positively impacting recruitment efforts, and enhancing the Army's operational readiness. CPT McKinley is responsible for all statistics and cumulative data of the ASDP course, giving information to commanders at many echelons about trends regarding ASDP.

Solely responsible for all systems and communication in 1-46 and the ASDP course. Earned Security+ and Network+ certifications to serve as Information System Security Officer (ISSO), which enables CPT McKinley to work beyond his scope and assist in solving problems at the brigade and MCoE level. CPT McKinley solves all technical problems in a timely manner. CPT McKinley fixes accounts, computers, printers, and enforces cybersecurity compliance. CPT McKinley is the administrator responsible for 200 Samsung tablets used in the ASDP course.

CPT McKiney serves as the Battalion Unit Public Affairs Representative. CPT McKinley revised the battalion's social media pages, doubling the number of Instagram followers and increasing Facebook followers. CPT McKinley used his creative and artistic skills to create videos that have up to 20,000 views. These contributions are instrumental in enhancing recruitment and marketing efforts through captivating social media content.

13F Ground Support Detachment NCO

SFC H served with distinction, honor, and commitment to the Army. His dedication to service proved paramount throughout his entire term of positions. As the Fire Support NCO for the 8th Fighter Wing at Kunsan Airbase, SFC H built a program to train Security Forces Airmen in Emergency Close Air Support, ground to air communications procedures, and small unit battle drills and tactics. SFC H trained over 87 Airmen and an additional 46 Airmen at Osan Airbase between his time at the 8th and 51st Fighter Wings.

SFC H's dynamic and enthusiastic leadership and skill was essential to the 8th Fighter Wing security counsel rewriting the ground base defense plan and merging it with a new airborne base defense plan which increased base security and met the Wing Commander's top priority. SFC H applied the same leadership and skill when the 51st Fighter Wing revised an existing base defense plan. He modernized the 51st Fighter Wing's plan to include drone and insurgent threat considerations.

SFC H wore two hats as the Plans NCOIC and the BCD HQ NCOIC. SFC H was instrumental in helping the 3rd BCD navigate the COVID-19 pandemic by developing the BCD's sponsorship and reception program, streamlining the administrative reporting metrics from 3BCD to 7th AF and 8th Army, and created a method to ensure new Soldiers to the BCD would be able to complete their quarantine with access to internet, cell phones and ensured they had an established residence with all daily essential needs already provided.

SFC H was an outstanding asset to the 51st Fighter Wing (FW), 8th FW, the 7th Air Force (AF) and the 3rd BCD-K. His knowledge and competence during planning and execution contributed to the success of 7 Combined and Joint Pacific Air Force exercises, 5 Special Operations Command-Korea exercises, 5 7th AF exercises, and countless Wing and Squadron level Combined and Joint level exercises between his tenure with the 8th FW at Kunsan Airbase and the 51st FW at Osan Airbase.


Regardless of the rigorous OPTEMPO within the training Battalion, she continuously used company assets to better the entire operation of the unit and community by providing assistance to Soldiers Angels, Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers, Red Cross and Central Issue Facility. She has facilitated the movement of over 1,000 Soldiers during multiple concerts, ceremonies, holiday block leave and Mission Thanksgiving. She was instrumental in the development of new testing material by providing Soldiers to Academic Standards.

As an Instructor/Writer she was the subject matter expert for the Battalion Aid Station, Moulage and Patrol Lanes. SSG Doe spent countless hours developing and implementing the standard operating procedures, her efforts resulted in significant increase in the quality of training received by over 7,200 IET Soldiers annually. She displayed impeccable loyalty to the unit by serving as the EOL and ensured 100% training compliance.

Based on her attributes, SSG Jane, Doe was selected out of 65 Staff Sergeants by the Department of Combat Medic Training to be one of the first Platoon Sergeants for Yankee Company 112D Medical Battalion. Assigned to a new transition company, she successfully initiated, processed and tracked over 1,000 Soldiers being Reclassed or Chaptered. Her diligence resulted in streamlining the outprocessing time from 60 to 35 days, saving the Army over $250,000 per quarter and continuing to support the Army mission by filling density MOS

SFC Doe has been very instrumental as the new S4. He quickly saw the need for consolidated supply program. Consequently, he organized, supervised, and implemented a new consolidated supply program on Whiskey I. He created and integrated a shelving system in the back of each classroom incorporating tuff boxes and containers that hold Class VIII and all training materials. This enabled all team to easily access Class VIII, maneuver equipments, and conduct all training without congestion.


SGT R served with distinction, honor, and commitment to the Army. His dedication to service proved paramount through his entire term of positions. His squad performed over 250 scheduled services, closed-out 640 high-priority work-orders and accrued a total of 14,250 maintenance man-hours over the course of three years. He has performed over hundreds of vehicle inspections, facilitating equipment turn-in and ensuring safe operation on the roads. SGT R focus and skills as a mechanic have enhanced the 1-229th ARB ground mobility.

SGT R's dedication to Echo Forward Support Company, 1-229th Attack Reconnaissance Battalion (ARB) was continuously displayed in his role as the Headquarters Platoon Sergeant. His enthusiasm and competence inspired his peers and subordinates to rise above themselves to accomplish all missions without any safety violations including loss or damage of property. SGT R's exceptional ability and skill in confidently maintaining his Platoon's attention during training allowed him to mentor these Soldiers to exceed the Army standard.

SGT R's dynamic leadership was essential to the success of the Battalion's Ground Support and Equipment Section. As the squad leader, he led one NCO and three Soldiers while supporting the Battalion and Brigade during training and serial gunneries at Yakima, Orchard Combat and National Training Center. SGT R's ability to manage his teams while providing endless logistic and maintenance support was critical to the success of the Tigersharks and the 16th Combat Aviation Brigade training for the Operation Enduring Freedom XV.

SGT R proved himself to be a resourceful NCO, cross-training as the E FSC Human Resources Specialist (42A) who specialized in NCOERS and Awards. Along with these specialties he also assisted in all human resource support matters such as oversight of all strength management and strength distribution actions and responsible for the readiness, health and welfare of all Soldiers. SGT R aptitude for business administration coupled with ability to follow detailed orders allowed him to process over 37 awards and 57 NCOERs without fail.


SGT A's skill and planning played a vital role in the success of the HSC, Intelligence and Sustainment (I&S) and 9th Air Support Operations Squadron (ASOS) scheduled and unscheduled maintenance operations. As the Motor Sergeant and Quality Assurance/Quality Control NCOIC he ensured rolling stock was serviced IAW Department of the Army (DA) standards. SGT A received great ratings on all related duties in the maintenance field and performed all his current and additional duties in a professional manner.

SGT Alexander's title as a Vehicle Recovery NCOIC (H8) was tested and proven recovering two M998 vehicles from the DTAC training site while on a rotational exercise at the National Training Center (NTC). His operational knowledge of the M984A2R1 wrecker recovery truck allowed this recovery team to quickly conduct recovery operations from the vehicle staging site. SGT Alexander's immediate reaction to the recovery site and rapid removal allowed DTAC set-up operations to be conducted with no delay in the scheduled time line.

SGT A's dedication to Headquarters Support Company, Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion, First Cavalry Division's (HHBn) Maintenance Platoon was continuously displayed in his role as a Squad Leader. He was directly responsible for ensuring eight Soldiers, in his Squad were trained and proficient in weapons training, physical fitness and job proficiency. SGT A's exceptional abilities and skills in confidently maintaining his Squad's attention during training allowed him to mentor these Soldiers exceeding the Army standard.

SGT A was an outstanding asset to the maintenance team in the Headquarters Support Company (HSC) HHBn Motor Pool. His effective technical expertise allowed him to supervise and train Soldiers to perform scheduled and unscheduled parts installation with little supervision. SGT A's always exceeded training responsibilities to Soldiers by being "in the trenches" with the Soldiers. Never above any task, he always led by example and provided clear guidance to Soldiers in the maintenance team.


SGT B directly contributed to the successful National Training Center (NTC) rotation 16-04 for Echo Forward Support Company. His direct contribution to the maintenance section ensured 20 generators were fully mission capable in preparation for NTC in addition to coordinating 10 generators that Task Force Tiger shark withdrew and turned-in during this NTC rotation. SGT B's insightful use of maintenance resources proved to be invaluable for the entire Task Force, making him a superb leader and a combat multiplier.

SGT B proved his vast knowledge while assisting I Corps during mandatory upgrades to 500 of the M240Bs and M249s on Joint Base Lewis McChord. He proved to be a brigade asset during the range weeks for 201st HHC, 602nd brigade support company, 109th and 502nd Military Intelligence Battalions by conducting several Preliminary Marksmanship Instruction (PMI) classes, conducting head space and timing prior to weapons being fired, correcting malfunctions, and ensuring a safe environment for all Soldiers with zero incidents.

SGT B built the company arms room service program from the ground up from ensuring all paperwork and services were to standard. The company resulted in successfully passing their CLDP and improving their previous rating by 50% to a 96%. He trained and mentor his team in correspondence courses resulting in eight Soldiers attaining the maximum number of possible points. SGT B completed the retention mission with 100% in Initial, Mid-career, and Career categories and held over 120 retention ceremonies.

SGT B became both the NCOIC for both the armament and the communications and electronic shops. He inherited $1,800,000 worth of equipment and successfully turned in $1,750,000 with zero errors. He made supreme improvements to the direct support shops bench and shop stock to ensure a maximum of a two day turnaround time on Non-Mission Capable equipment. SGT Barbontin spearheaded and coordinated the transition of direct support assets from 201st BFSB to 542nd Support Maintenance Company with no failures.


SFC Awesome distinguished himself while serving as the Senior Instructor for 12R10 class 005. SFC Awesome demonstrated to all that he is a professional Soldier, dedicated to excellence in his field of expertise. His untiring efforts and can do attitude testify to his achievements and accolades as an outstanding Soldier of the U.S. Army.

SFC Awesome showed constant concern for all students and cadre safety during the 12R10 Interior Electrican Course by monitoring the work/rest cycle and utilized composite risk management. His dedication to the safety of his students and those around him resulted in him adhering to the correct shop safety procedures and maintaining constant situational awareness thoughout the course. His commitment to safety resulted in zero safety accidents or incidents during the course.

SFC Awesome's willingness to step up to the plate and share his Interior Electrician experiences with all students throughout the course was instrumental in helping all students to grasp a complete understanding being an Interior Electrician. The end results of his actions resulted in all 7 students receiving a GO for final Performance Evaluation "Install a complete electrical system" and being awarded the 12R MOS.

While serving as Senior Instructor for the 12R10 class 006, SFC Awesome was recognized by the division quality assurance team for his unsurpassed use and knowledge of ALM and OE in the classroom. SFC Awesome was praised for his vast knowledge and creative implementation techniques. SFC Awesome was assessed by division as performing exceptionally well during his Install Electrical Boxes, Cable and Conduit Systems class. Many of SFC Awesome's ALM techniques and were recognized as sustains for the class.

While serving as Senior Instructor for the 12R10 class 005, SFC Awesome spent countless hours before and after class designing and creating demonstration boards for student to use during class in order to help implement ALM into the classroom. SFC Awesome's creativity and enthusiasm in helping students learn resulted in all 12 students receiving a 1st time GO on the block of instructions for "Installing Electrical Devices".

Honor Guard

SSG P's leadership was essential to the success of the Echo Forward Support Company (E FSC) Military Funeral Honors detail. As the detail NCOIC, he led two NCO and eight Soldiers sacrificing over 80 hours a week for training learning steps and movements for rendering honors. SSG P's ability to master voice commands and position placement for the Soldiers and his ability to manage his team during training, providing endless mentoring, guidance and constant support was critical to the success of Funeral Service detail.

SSG P served with professionalism, honor, distinction and respect conducting ??? funeral services rendering honors to active duty members, retirees, and veterans. His meticulous and orthodox training expectations resulted in Soldiers producing flawless performances in the firing team, pallbearers team and six man flag folding team. SSG P's management and planning played a vital role in the success of the E FSC Military Funeral Honors detail demonstrating outstanding directorship skills and finesse as Military Funeral Honors NCOIC.

Fire Marshall

SSG P served as the Fire Marshal for Headquarters Support Company (HSC) motor pool from April 2012 to present. Due to his diligence, there have been no fire safety hazards in the motor pool building or work bays. SSG P was charged with the checking all fire extinguishers, checking all exits in HSC barracks building to be sure they were functional and accessible, he ensured monthly checks of expiration dates and functionality of fire extinguishers, and confirmed all fire extinguishers were unobstructed from view.

SSG P has been very instrumental as the Fire Marshal for the Headquarters Support Company (HSC) from April 2012 to present. He quickly saw the need for fire extinguisher repair throughout the HSC foot print. Consequently, he organized, supervised, and implemented drop off and pick up of all repaired fire extinguishers for the HSC motor pool building, company area as well as the HSC barracks area. SSG P's efforts resulted in significant increase in the quality of life and safety.


SGT L conducted the duties of a Vehicle Recovery Specialist (H8) while assigned to Echo Forward Support Company (E FSC) 1-229th ARB. This Additional Skill Identifier (ASI) allowed him to become a well rounded NCO capable of training his Soldiers in real time "hands on" training throughout his three years being assigned to E FSC. SGT L's expertise as a Recovery Operations NCOIC made him indispensable to the brigade. He conducted ten vehicle recovery operations with no damage to Non-Mission Capable (NMC) vehicles.

SGT L's skill and planning played a vital role in the success of the E FSC 1-229th ARB Annual Maintenance Service Operations. As the Maintenance Platoon Team Leader and Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) NCO, he ensured over 350 pieces of rolling stock were serviced in accordance with Department of the Army standards. SGT L received top ratings on all related duties in the maintenance field, and performed all duties of Team Leader and QA/QC NCO in a professional manner.

SGT L's knowledge and professionalism allowed him to be chosen as a JBLM East Gate Guard NCO. He worked over 80 hours to ensure all Soldiers participating as a gate guard were properly instructed in gate operating procedures resulting in no injuries on conducted gate guard security schedules. SGT L admirably supervised and mentored 25 Soldiers with dedication to his NCO guard duties which allowed JBLM Gate Guard post directed detail to be conducted accident and incident free throughout the detail cycle.

SGT L was an outstanding asset to the maintenance team, his effective technical expertise allowed him to supervise and train 34 Soldiers to perform scheduled and unscheduled parts installation with little to no supervision. SGT L's superior mechanical knowledge, from engines to hydraulic lines, always trained and mentored Soldiers. Never above any task, this NCO is truly a "in the trenches" NCO, always leading by example and providing clear guidance to Soldiers in the maintenance team.


With his broad knowledge of technical and tactical procedures, SPC John Doe demonstrated exceptional resourcefulness and dedication to duty. SPC John Doe tact and hard work, positive attitude toward his job and willingness to accept additional responsibilities were particularly noteworthy. His attention to detail, enthusiasm, and indomitable spirit was instilled within his peers.

SPC John Doe assisted the Battalion intelligence section in the administrative responsibility for over 900 soldiers. He demonstrated administrative versatility and assisted in such duties as security clearance management, Security Clearance Access Roster submissions to Brigade, map custodian, and in the maintenance of various administrative databases.

SPC John Doe assisted the Battalion intelligence section by providing OSRVT and DCGS-A capabilities during NTC Rotation 09-07. His determination to provide accurate and real-time intelligence which was disseminated to seven companies.

SPC John Doe assisted the Battalion intelligence section in preparations for Operation Iraqi Freedom VII. His hard work and dedication allowed the S-2 section to complete pre-deployment requirements such as ISOPREP, Anti-Terrorism Level 1, and APR101A in a timely manner.

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