DA Form 638 for MSM for Meritorious Service (PCS)

12Y40 Senior Geospatial Engineer Sergeant

End of Tour Award - Meritorious Service Medal (MSM)

Achievement #1
SFC XXXX served as the Geospatial Engineer Team (GET) Senior Geospatial Engineer NCOIC & S2 Section NCOIC for the Theater Engineer Brigade (TEB) from an E6 position functioning as E8. Responsible for the training, welfare, morale, professional development, and quality of life of five Soldiers. Planned, gathered, evaluated, and supervised the creation of geospatial products, maintenance, and accountability of geospatial equipment. Provided geospatial Tactical Decision Aids to staff, planners, and commanders at all echelons.

Achievement #2
SFC XXXX went above and beyond his job description by field-validating 54 Force Protection Points (FPP) for Base Defense in Tower 22, 200+ at Camp Buehring, 600+ at Erbil AirBase, and 650+ at Al Asad AirBase. His efforts directly supported ARCENT Priority 1: Support Forces in Contact (OIR/OSS) & Task Force Spartan Priority 3: Force Protection, effectively bridging a geospatial gap to accurately analyze and provide relevant terrain analysis, allowing support to over 2,000 warfighters. SFC XXXX's FPP data schema set the standard for ASG-K.

Achievement #3
SFC XXXX committed 160 working hours to the TEB geodatabase design and creation, exemplifying remarkable dedication to enhancing the military installations' digitizing process. His efforts extended beyond his designated job responsibilities, highlighted by his profound understanding of ARCENT mission requirements. SFC XXXX's contributions significantly streamlined operations by improving the process and optimizing warfighter support by identifying and addressing a critical geospatial gap across the Theater geodatabase infrastructure.

Achievement #4
SFC XXXX' rapid development of the Camp Buehring Land Navigation map for Task Force Commando's E2B, attended by 294 participants from 12 units across the CENTCOM Area of Operations, yielded remarkable results. His instrumental work directly contributed to successfully certifying 60 EIB and 23 ESB candidates, reducing 70% of the attrition ratio and increasing mastery. SFC XXXX' attention to detail and subject matter expertise elevated training effectiveness and significantly contributed to individual Soldier proficiency.

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