Continuation on Active Duty (COAD)

1. If determined unfit due to physical disability, I request continuation in lieu of retirement or separation. I request an assignment compatible with the limitations of my profile within my current Branch/MOS. I understand that if compatible assignments are not available, I may require reclassification. I am requesting continuation until I have obtained 20 years of active federal service (AFS).

2. I qualify for COAD based on the following duty status. (check current duty status)

__X_ Officer on the active duty list or an enlisted Soldier who is Active Army.

____ In the AGR program or on full-time National Guard duty.

3. Additionally, I meet at least one or more of the criteria below. (check all that apply)

____ I have 15, but less than 20 years of active Federal Service.

__X_ I have between 18 to 20 years of AFS.

____ I am qualified in a shortage MOS, as verified by the attached document from my military personnel office.

____ My disability resulted from combat or an act of terrorism.

____ I am enrolled in the AW2 Program.

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