Early Separation Request

SPC TURNER is requesting early separation for education which is covered by AR 635-200. His packet includes all that is required. On the date requested for early separation, SPC Turner will no longer be mission essential to his assigned organization.

Request early separation to further my education IAW paragraph 5-16, AR 635-200. My current Expiration Term of Service (ETS) date is 20200305. Request early separation effective 20191227. The Southeast Lineman Training Center Spring class starts 20200106. I am pursuing a Lineworker Trade.

JUSTIFICATION: In order to obtain a degree in this field I must begin the semester this spring because classes are only offered during selected times of year, spring and fall. If I am unable to start the semester, I will have to wait an additional year to effectively transition from military to civilian life. This will cause personal hardship upon me. I have attached a statement from my academic advisor and the director of admissions. Both have allowed an exception for me to register for classes up to the day before it begins. I have the GI Bill and am able to pay tuition and fees.

I am not mission essential to my assigned organization.

5 Encls
1. Initial Contract
2. UMUC Director, Admin Letter
3. LES
4. ERB

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