MOS 12G, Quarrying Specialist Duty Descriptions

Quarrying Specialist
Moves earth, rock, and materials with heavy machinery to provide foundations for airfields, roads, dams, and buildings; operates powered machines to excavate, clean, crush, drill, and grade site layouts; detonates explosives to clear rock; operates and maintains air compressors, pneumatic tools, hydraulic-powered rock drills, rock crushers, and screening equipment; operates ancillary equipment such as generators, conveyors, light sets, and pumps.

12G Quarry Specialist
Directs the erection of rock processing equipment; determines screen sizes and crusher settings to produce aggregate to specifications; directs quarry rock excavation to produce required sizes and tonnage of rock; performs as blaster; operates rock drills under supervision; assembles, adjusts and operates crushing, screening, conveying, and washing units; assists in blasting operations; assists in performance of combat engineer missions.

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