Concrete and Asphalt Equipment Operator Duty Descriptions

Concrete Operations Supervisor
Commander/Operations NCO of an EN Concrete Section of 12 authorized personnel; oversees planning, materials procurement, environmental and civil approval of concrete construction projects; responsible for training, accountability, welfare, physical fitness, maintenance, serviceability and equipment; provides leadership, mentorship, and training; prepares and maintains the Yearly Training Calendar, Yearly Training Brief, and training on METL tasks; validates training schedules and unit training; maintains training records and prepares Soldiers for MOS training, NCOES/OES, and functional schools.

Concrete and Asphalt Equipment Operator
Produces concrete with concrete mobile mixer; assists in the erection and operation of asphalt producing plant for the production of hot mix asphalt; operates asphalt distributor, aggregate spreader, and asphalt kettle; assist in operation of asphalt paving and surfacing equipment; assists in performance of combat engineer missions; sets up and operates asphalt laydown equipment to meet desired asphalt specifications; directs employment of concrete mobile mixer; supervises production of hot mix asphalt; directs asphalt laydown and rolling operations; directs combat engineering missions.

Concrete/Asphalt Equipment Operator
Prepares and places concrete with the M5 Concrete Mobile Mixer Module; loads the M5 Concrete Mobile Mixer Module with water, Portland cement, fine aggregate, and coarse aggregate; adjust controls to obtain the required mix proportions and slump at the project site; performs site preparation and concrete form construction; finishes concrete; conducts concrete and engineer equipment maintenance.

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