Combat Engineer Senior Sergeant
Duty Descriptions

First Sergeant, Combat Engineer Company
First Sergeant for an 87-Soldier Combat Engineer Company comprised of a Head Quarters Section, a Sapper Platoon and an Engineer Support Platoon; advises the Commander on enlisted matters, sets standards and enforces policies, regulations, and directives; responsible for the health, discipline, morale, and welfare of all Soldiers in the Company; coaches and trains Platoon Sergeants and Squad Leaders, supervises their professional development, and advises on their personnel assignments; acts as the Commanders representative in supervising aspects vital to Company Operations.

Course Manager
Supervises Site Managers; assigned as principal NCOIC responsible for the coordination of unit administration and operation of organizational element IAW command guidance; supervises instructor proficiency according to TR 350-70,Chapter III-4-3, Basic Instructor Performance Checklist, and provides Soldier mentorship IAW army regulatory guidance; supervises the development and implementation of composite risk management to include the act of attaining appropriate level of training/ certification according to command guidance; supervises TASS institutional training IAW TR 350-18, TR 350-70, and all Engineer MOS-T/ NCOES POIs, and proponent guidance/ directives maintaining quality assurance standards to ensure accreditation certification.

Chief Bridge Inspector
Serves as the NCOIC of the Brigade Engineer Cell in a Combat Engineer Brigade; advises and assists mission support; responsible for daily battle tracking and reporting of engineer bridging equipment and operations throughout the entire Area of Operations; responsible for work order submissions and maintenance; assists brigade engineer officer in charge in construction planning, scheduling, and material estimates; coordinates the preparation of operations orders, standing operating procedures and contingency plans; coordinates employment of engineer elements with adjacent units.

USARPAC Engineering Directorate Sergeant Major
Sergeant Major of the Engineering Directorate for United States Army, Pacific; responsible for the accountability, training, health and welfare of 23 assigned officers, NCOs, and civilian personnel; advises the Director on all matters including operational missions, administration and programming; oversees internal processes and SOPs to include the distributed command post (DCP) as part of the USARPAC Main Command Post (MCP); assesses engineer operations theater-wide, focusing on Soldier readiness/training; coordinates routinely with counterpart Sergeants Major and senior officers across the ASCC, IMCOM-Pacific, USPACOM, USACE and DA.

Engineer Section Noncommissioned Officer
Serves as the Engineer Section Noncommissioned Officer in a Special Forces Support Battalion; plans, executes, and supervises construction missions in support of the Special Forces Group; coordinates with the Group Engineer for prioritization of projects; responsible for the welfare, training, and employment of an 11man Engineer Section comprised of carpenters, electricians, and plumbers to support operations in both garrison and combat; supervises maintenance and accountability of over $1.3 million worth equipment, varying from 4 different types of engineer heavy vehicles, construction tools kits and outfits, and mine detection equipment.

ACRC Assignment: Engineer Advisor/OCT
Coordinates, plans, travels to, and delivers training for 33 Army National Guard and Reserve Engineer Units in Alabama and Mississippi; plans and conducts battalion-level training events and External Evaluations (EXEVALS) for Engineer units at the end of Army Forces Generation (ARFORGEN) training phase; as a member of the Collective Training and Evaluations Team (CTET), ensures materials and planning requirements are met to enable battalion-level collective training events and EXEVALS of Engineer Battalions; conducts on-site unit home station training on Engineer Collective Training events such as Situation Exercise (STX), Command Post Exercise (CPX), Field Training Exercise (FTX), and EXEVALS; conducts evaluations, documents observations, and assesses unit performance and execution of fire support; evaluates up to six Engineer units annually using training assessment model.

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