Manportable Air Defense System Crewmember
Duty Descriptions

Manportable Air Defense System Crewmember
Serves as a member of a portable Air Defense system missile unit and air defense activity assigned to 5th Battalion, 4th Air Defense Artillery Regiment (5-4 ADAR); integrates with battle management center operations and maintains situational awareness; maintains secure radio and net communications; securely stores, maintains and tests FIM-92A, FIM-92B, and FIM-92C Stinger missiles and associated BCUs; supports M-SHORAD concept of operations; operates Friend or Foe (IFF); resupplies ammunition and prepares and fires MANPADS.

Manportable Air Defense System NCOIC
Exercises fire control of MANPADS; supervises subordinate soldiers; assists in establishing rules of engagement; collects and disseminates intelligence and operations information; updates OPORD, situation maps and overlays; transmits intelligence and grid locations of incoming targets; prepares for and assists in section movement; plans for ammunition storage and resupply; supervises dissemination of early warning information on the manual SHORAD control system (MSCS); supervises electronic counter measures operations.

MOS 14M Operations Sergeant
Serves as the Operations Sergeant for the ADAM/BAE cell while deployed; serves as the AGI cell Assistant Operations NCO for 4TH BCT, 82nd Airborne Division; responsible for the health welfare, safety, and training of a five man brigade element capable of deploying worldwide within 24 hours of notification; responsible for the individual and collective training of the element; responsible for the maintenance and accountability of all section equipment valued in excess of $1.7 million.

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