MOS 17D Cyber Capabilities Development Officer
Duty Descriptions

Cyber Capabilities Development Officer
Serves as Cyber Capabilities Development Officer (CCDO) ISO the 780th Military Intelligence Brigade; evaluates, manages, plans, and integrates cyber capabilities development at the brigade level; supervises developers and developer teams; analyzes requirements and provides cyberspace capabilities to support DCO, OCO, DODIN operations, and/or EW missions; responsible for the professional development, combat readiness, and health and welfare of 28 Soldiers and civilians.

Serves as CCDO for Joint Force Headquarters-Cyber (JFHQ-C); provides offensive cyberspace capabilities to U.S. Central Command, U.S. Africa Command, and U.S. Northern Command; supports and facilitates CO and EW missions to engage adversaries via cyberspace and the EMS to degrade enemy facilities, networks, or equipment; identifies adversary electromagnetic vulnerabilities; protects friendly facilities, networks, and equipment from electronic attack; coordinates with U.S. Fleet Cyber Command and supports 13 tenant units and three detachments.

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