MOS 21N Construction Equipment Supervisor Duty Descriptions

Heavy Equipment Operator Team Leader in a Engineer Company
Advises the Squad Leader on all section equipment and heavy construction equipment; responsible for tracking of service and deadline; ensures maintenance reports are reported and troubleshot; responsible for the health, welfare, training, discipline, and morale of 1 NCO and 11 Soldiers ; interacts with the unit's maintenance shop to maintain section equipment in excess of $3 million to support combat readiness.

21N3O Horizontal Construction Supervisor
Supervises engineer projects; oversees clearing, grubbing, stripping, excavating, backfilling, stockpiling, hauling, construction of ditches and other heavy equipment operations; performs route reconnaissance; responsible for the health, welfare and safety of 10 Soldiers; supervises level 10 maintenance; maintains accountability for individual and unit equipment and property; provides individual and collective training; serves as instructor for construction equipment.

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