MOS 21R Interior Electrician Duty Descriptions

In 2004, the Engineer MOS changed from CMF 12 to CMF 21. In 2009, the Engineer MOS changed again, from CMF 21 to CMF 12.

Interior Electrician
Serves as a Interior Electrician in the 123rd Vertical Engineer Company; provides mobility, counter mobility, and survivability in support of combat forces; supervises or performs installation and maintenance of interior electrical systems and equipment; plans electrical system layout using drawings, plans, specifications, and wiring diagrams; assists in the performance of combat engineer missions; responsible for the health, accountability and training of 5 Soldiers; supervises the maintenance of 10 pieces of equipment in excess of $50,000.

Interior Electrician
Coordinates with Job Control; inspects and ensures proper grounding; maintains transformers, junction boxes, service panels, switches, electrical boxes, and lightning rods; reads wiring diagrams, blueprints, and repair orders; tests equipment and power sources for operation; tests safety functions and circuit breakers; serves as initial POC for alarm and telephone issues up to demarcation point; inspects power distribution systems, shorts in cables, and faulty equipment; repairs and replaces faulty wiring and fixtures.

Construction Electrician
Installs interior electrical systems in accordance with National Electrical Code and local ordinances; installs service panels, switches and electrical boxes; installs sheathed cable, conduit, electrical equipment, and service drops; reads and interprets drawings, plans, and specifications; maintains interior electrical systems and equipment; uses test equipment to ensure operability and safety of circuits; assists in performance of combat engineer missions.

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