21V Concrete & Asphalt Equipment Operator Duty Descriptions

21V2O/Concrete Asphalt Equipment Operator
Erects and operates asphalt plant for the production of hot mix asphalt. Sets up and operates asphalt laydown equipment to meet desired asphalt specifications. Responsible for supervising or operating all equipment used in concrete and asphalt production. Responsible for asphalt specifications.

Concrete/Asphalt Equipment Operator
Prepares and places concrete with the M5 Concrete Mobile Mixer Module; loads the M5 Concrete Mobile Mixer Module with water, Portland cement, fine aggregate, and coarse aggregate; adjust controls to obtain the required mix proportions and slump at the project site; performs site preparation and concrete form construction; finishes concrete; conducts concrete and engineer equipment maintenance.

Concrete Operations Supervisor
Commander/Operations NCO of an EN Concrete Section of 12 authorized personnel; oversees planning, materials procurement, environmental and civil approval of concrete construction projects; responsible for training, accountability, welfare, physical fitness, maintenance, serviceability and equipment; provides leadership, mentorship, and training; prepares and maintains the Yearly Training Calendar, Yearly Training Brief, and training on METL tasks; validates training schedules and unit training; maintains training records and prepares Soldiers for MOS training, NCOES/OES, and functional schools.

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