MOS 25E Frequency Manager Duty Descriptions

25E5PS9 Spectrum Management Chief
Spectrum Management Chief of the 82ND Airborne Division; deploys worldwide supporting crisis, contingency, disaster relief missions, and exercises via parachute assault and tactical airland; responsible for reviewing and submitting satellite requests to FORSCOM; responsible for resolving, reporting and coordinating with agencies in the resolution of electromagnetic interference (EMI); responsible for the preparation of communications annexes for five brigades across the 82ND Airborne Division; supervises the preparation of technical studies, reports, and records pertaining to spectrum operations; responsible for coaching, teaching and mentoring 17 spectrum managers.

25E30 Electromagnetic Spectrum NCO
Served as a Electromagnetic Spectrum NCO for a Brigade Combat Team Headquarters and Tactical Operation Center in support of world-wide deployments; performed network analysis, calculations and record management to determine frequencies within the Brigade; advised and counseled the Brigade S-6 on technical and administrative reports; employs the System Planning Engineering and Evaluation Device (SPEED) and Spectrum XXI for the topography and environmental analysis of network architecture to include Line of Site (LOS) radios and satellite uplinks to ensure communications connectivity.

25E30 Electromagnetic Spectrum Manager
Receives communications network input, interprets information and creates frequency plans, organizes data logically, and generates and distributes SOI to all users; prepares properly formatted frequency requests, forwards requests to civilian or military agencies; receives frequency approvals; submits assignments to the frequency database; generates Satellite Access Requests (SAR) to RSSC; receives Satellite Access Authorizations and updates frequency database; informs users of authorized frequencies; performs regular frequency database reviews and submits requests for updates when necessary.

25E30 Electromagnetic Spectrum Manager
Receives requests for frequency use authorization; nominates frequency(s) from frequency database, makes assignments in the database, and notifies the requestor of the assignment; maintains contact with military and civilian agencies to deconflict frequency use within the AOR; ensures spectrum supportability for frequency emitting equipment used within a specified area and obtains electronic warfare (EW) clearances; receives frequency interference reports from units; resolves interference problems; maintains frequency charts, diagrams, MIJI reports, and database of frequency interference incidents.

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