Combat Documentation & Production Specialist
Duty Descriptions

Combat Documentation and Production Specialist
Serves as a Combat Documentation and Production Specialist for HHC, Joint Multinational Readiness Center (JMRC); records and documents military training for U.S. and coalition partners in the Hohenfels Training Area (HTA); supervises the JMRC Viper Team; schedules and arranges interviews; operates video cameras and sound equipment; edits audio and video recordings; coordinates with supported agencies; ensures the technical and tactical readiness of 8 Soldiers.

Combat Documentation and Production Specialist
Operates and performs maintenance on motion, still, and studio television cameras; performs electronic and film-based processing; maintains darkroom equipment; prepares captions for documentation images; provides technical guidance to subordinates; monitors, operates, and performs maintenance on master control systems; aligns and adjusts video cameras; prepares video reports; operates and performs preventive maintenance on vehicles and power generators.

Combat Documentation and Production Specialist
Serves as team leader of combat camera documentation team; operates and performs maintenance on still video transmission systems; selects documentation and production equipment and determines systems mission support requirements; coordinates and directs personnel and operational requirements to produce audiovisual, audio, and television productions in both fixed and tactical environments; prepares video reports for review by commanders and staff.

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