Practical Nursing Specialist Duty Descriptions

68C Clinical Flight Coordinator
Serves as the Clinical Flight Coordinator (CFC); responsible for two Enlisted and two Officers assigned; facilitates timely patient care and movement of Soldiers processing through the Deployed Warrior Medical Management Clinic (DWMMC); facilitates administration and clinical coordination between CFC and multidisciplinary teams; reviews and assists with the arrival and departure of Wounded Warriors from various theaters; coordinates patient care and out-processing with internal and external hospital staff to ensure clinical validation for medical evacuation; gathers and compiles data to measure timeliness and effectiveness of patient movement and care.

Serves as the NCOIC for one 12-bed Mixed Medical Surgical Ward for Bayne-Jones Army Community Hospital which is postured to treat and care for 8,000 Soldiers, 13,000 family members, and 40,000 retirees; responsible for the welfare of 4 Soldiers, 2 Officers, and 8 GS Civilians; directly accountable for the training and integration of incoming Soldiers to the ward; responsible for the maintenance and accountability of over $652,695.43 worth of medical equipment and over $32,000 Class VIII supplies.

68C20 Licensed Practical Nurse
Serves as a Licensed Practical Nurse for a 20 bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU)/ Intensive Care Ward (ICW); provides guidance and supervision to 23 junior medical personnel in a 164 bed Combat Support Hospital; works directly with the Surgical Team to provide knowledge and insight on medical issues at the unit level; serves as the assistant to the medical NCOIC to provide guidance for the medical section personnel; responsible for the accountability and maintenance of more than $120,000 worth of medical equipment and supplies.

Practical Nurse 68C2O
Serves as the NCOIC for one 12-bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for an 84-bed Combat Support Hospital (CSH), postured for rapid and deliberate deployments in support of the ????? Corps and worldwide contingencies; responsible for the welfare of ## Soldiers; directly accountable for the training and integration of incoming Soldiers to the squad; is responsible for the maintenance and accountability of over $$ worth of medical equipment and Class VIII supplies.

68C20 Practical Nursing Specialist
Utilizes a team approach while providing patient and family-centered care in accordance with professional, hospital, and section standards; assists in the training and provision of administrative support for military and civilian personnel; assists in the accountability and tracking of all office and medical equipment assigned to section on department hand receipt; responsible for education, training and mentoring of all junior enlisted Soldiers and civilian staff for their professional development amd career progression.

Nurse Case Manager
Serves as a Nurse Case Manager at SRP site; coordinates and ensures that Active/ Guard/ Reserve Soldiers referred during the SRP/RSRP/MOB/DEMOB process receive timely medical care; drafts CENTCOM, SOUTHCOM, PACOM, EUCOM and AFRICOM waivers, nursing care plans; ensures Guard/Reserve Solders are informed of available health care entitlements upon discharge from active duty status; maintains timely data entry into AHLTA and the nurse case management tracker; assists with facilitating requests and movement of Soldiers requiring care under Warrior in Transition Program.

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