MOS 88K Watercraft Operator Duty Descriptions

Serves as the Coxswain of the modular Warping Tug (MWT) in the only Modular Causeway Company in the Army; responsible for the safe operation, maintenance, and accountability of one MWT and all associated Basic Issue Items (BII) and equipment valued in excess of $2.5 million; responsible for the training, technical guidance, accountability, combat readiness, health and welfare of eight Soldiers and their families.

88K2O Quartermaster
Quartermaster aboard the Army's largest and most technically complex ship, the Logistic Support Vessel (LSV); responsible for over $300,000 of highly technical, state of the art, electronic navigation equipment; ensure vessel's bridge is maintained in a high state of readiness for navigation and vessel accomplishment of mission; ensures that the navigational officer has up to date navigational charts and publications.

First Mate LCU
Serves as a First Mate in a Heavy Boat Company aboard a 174 foot 2000 series Landing Craft Utility (LCU) vessel valued over $6.5 million; acts as assistant to the Vessel Master and assumes all responsibility in the Master's absence; ensures Master's orders are obeyed; manages the ship's daily routine; supervises a 13 member enlisted crew to include administrative action, personnel training, professional development, tests, drills, inspections, vessel maintenance, safety, inventories, cargo operations, and navigation.

Serves as a Marine Safety NCO for the 545th Harbor Master Detachment, the only active duty harbor master in the Pacific region; served dual missions of enforcing physical security and marine safety; supports two Logistical Support Vessels (LSV) valued over 50 million dollars capable of worldwide deployment; directly responsible for the safety of more than 120 Soldiers; responsible for the health, morale, welfare, and supervision of two Soldiers; responsible for ensuring his Soldiers are proficient in skill level one tasks; responsible for the accountability and maintenance of 150 sensitive items, totaling more than $250,000.

88K40 Watercraft Operator
Responsible for the individual training readiness of a Floating Craft company; coordinates and manages training resources; provides specialized consultation to the unit commander; manages units status reporting and contributes operational abilities to the commander in the evaluation of unit readiness; responsible for requesting individual and group orders to facilitate individual and unit missions; provides guidance in the development of the unit training calendar, training schedule, and evaluations of METL tasks; maintains a high level of knowledge and awareness of effective unit training.

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