91G Fire Control Repairer Duty Descriptions

Fire Control Repairer
Serves as a Fire Control Repairer in a Maintenance Support Company of the Brigade Support Battalion (BSB) in an Air Assault capable Infantry Brigade Combat Team; maintains one Fire Control Shop Set and two Electrical Systems Toolboxes valued at over $85,000.00; responsible for managing three NCOs and three soldiers, to include QA/QC and completion of maintenance work orders; maintains bench stock worth over $850,000; responsible for the morale, training, health, welfare, discipline, and mentoring of three Soldiers.

Fire Control Repairer
Supervises Soldiers and maintenance of direct and general support and/or repairs laser range finders, ballistic computers, laser observation devices, laser designators, thermal imaging systems, periscopes, telescopes, commander's weapon station/auxiliary sights, aiming circles, image transfer assemblies, quadrants, mount assemblies, fire control support equipment, and test, measurement, and diagnostic equipment; performs battlefield damage assessment and repair.

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