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Basic Training Graduation

o maintained accountability and maintenance of equipment in excess of $250,000; resulted in zero loss and 100% functionality

o trained three subordinate Soldiers in preparation for the promotion board; resulted in three Soldiers passing the board

o developed a sensitive item tracker spreadsheet for the platoon which was so effective that it was adopted by the company as an SOP

o worked tirelessly to complete ASSIST and RTA training, prerequisites for MRT; reached goal of becoming a suicide prevention representative

o reviewed and validated over 600 supporting documents; met compliance for over 300 standards in preparation for Army TRADOC Accreditation

o helped facilitate the inspecting and loading of over 10,000 rounds of 5.56 ammunition resulting in 0 ammo related issues on the May 22 range qualification

o ensured mission requirements and tasks were met in a timely manner despite challenges during COVID-19 pandemic

o utilized innovative strategies to communicate and coordinate mandatory trainings with his Soldiers virtually

o helped plan and execute the fielding of small arms and equipment worth in excess of $13 million with no losses

o planned and executed 12 successful BDE level NEFs totaling in excess of $500 million in new equipment

o created State level orders, in the absence of the State NET/NEF OIC; maintained the continuity of NET/NEF events

o served as a Vehicle Crew Evaluator for the Squadron; assisted 20 crews, provided positive and constructive criticism, improved their proficiency

o served as the senior Scout during the live-fire exercise at NTC; ensured safety was used at all times for all six crews

o completed more than 10 construction projects utilizing 350 man hours with no injuries or loss of time

o trained 10 new Soldiers on horizontal construction equipment; successfully developed 10 new Soldiers

o processed and facilitated all military and professional training for over 300 Soldiers; exceeded training requirements

o sustained the Battalion Rear Detachment flight operations with only two Soldiers; ensured B Co's aviators remained current

o stood above his peers in his ability and aptitude; constantly sought and accomplished additional tasks

o worked diligently as an AGTS IO and facilitated over 150 hours for 5 tank crews; achieved all live fire gunnery prerequisites

o planned and executed the first ever 596th Signal Company Basic Combat Water Survival Training; trained 53 Soldiers on drown proofing techniques; enhanced confidence and readiness

o resourceful; salvaged parts for two mission critical STTs, resulting in 100% equipment validation and mission success during CSTX 86-19-03

o obtained certification as a tactical commander of 11 military vehicles; improved unit mobility and ensured additional manning resources were available

o enforced the battalion safety program during ranges, motor pool operations, and training events; ensured zero injuries

o maintained 100% accountability of 36 M-16A2s and 13,500 rounds of ammo used during annual M-16 qualification

o used all available time to train his section; increased task coverage by 40%

o maintained full accountability of team/squad equipment; efforts facilitated smooth change of command

o coordinated, planned, and executed 4 ceremonies for a one star general; one on a three weeks notice

o took lead in the reopening of live fire ranges; with a projection of saving DoD over an estimated $500,000 per fiscal year

o enforced the safety program of over 250 operations and training events leading to zero injuries and 100% completion of missions

o developed an awards matrix to manage and track future awards that currently has a 100% actions resolution rate

o used all available resources to accomplish all missions assigned; a no-nonsense NCO who produced concrete results

o epitome of a NCO, constantly demands that her section perform at a superior level in a high optempo organization

o successfully completed the US Army Jumpmaster School MTT from Ft. Benning, GA; supported the unit's airborne mission

o maintained his EO program through three company changes of command; receiving a commendable rating during each ICI

o the first instructor in the MOS to earn the SAIB; completed all TRADOC Instructor requirements and 1,064 hours of instruction

o developed a strong prioritization when conducting POI; contributed to 20% of students receiving Honor Graduate

o selected over five other Staff Sergeants in the department to teach 210 hours of the 92M30 Advanced Leaders Course

o top SF recruiter in the state, enlisted 12 into the 19th Special Forces Group (A)

o increased special forces online lead volume by 85.6%

o enforced the unit safety program during ranges, motor pool operations, and training events leading to zero injuries and 100% completion of missions

o provided thoughtful oversight and feedback to the Squadron commander during Operation Iron Crush; resulted in a more efficient SOP for TOC location and movement

o stood above his peers in his ability to lead Paratroopers and command a mortar section

o prepared all BN Shipper's Declaration Dangerous Goods (SDDGs); ensured all equipment was secured for U.S. Air Force

o encouraged subordinates to complete PME, resulting in entire team completing advancement training ahead of schedule

o successfully logged over 3 thousand miles while safely transporting supplies, equipment, and personnel during the Battalion FTX

o assisted in the execution of the Company's Machine Gun Range resulting in 30 Soldiers qualified on the M240L and M249

o conducts inspections of Soldiers; consistently has the most prepared Soldiers in the platoon

o stood above his peers in his ability to lead Soldiers and command a squad

o instrumental in the near simultaneous deployment of two platoons going to the Joint Readiness Training Center and Pacific Pathways 17-01

o ran a DFAC as a junior NCO during Annual training; ensured that over 1200 Soldiers were fed

o processed over 300 school packets for Soldiers to attend NCOES and ASI school

o conducted 16 sniper missions to limit terrorist movement in the Company AO; decreased IED activity by 50%

o earned a rating of 99% in the area of training on the Standard Evaluation and Assistance Team external inspection, setting the standard for the rest of the CST program

o delivered over 2M gallons JP-8 aviation fuel to 110K aircraft annually; maintained impressive 15-minute average response time

o placed 2nd in the Noncommissioned Officer of the Year competition Warrior Challenge Competition

o seized Quarterly Excellence Award for personnel due to best training program in command and professional competence

o achieved 100% SIDPERS timeliness for 12 consecutive months; awarded Army Achievement Medal

o exceeded Delayed Entry Program functions by 9 events!

o maximized limited resources to build top notch imagery products in support of OEF/OIF

o implemented a proactive program to reduce tool shortages; over 400 man hours saved in six month period

o improved an inherited substandard Maintenance Control program; changes raised morale and exceeded Brigade standards

o maintained 100% SIDPERS rate despite personnel shortages and austere conditions

o achieved exceptional results in regards to mission accomplishment 100% of the time

o recognized by Post Commander for professionalism of his soldiers Squad Live Fire exercise

o contributed to success of convoys from Home station to training areas even when not the CC

o created the squad connex layout; improved squad efficiency and accountability

o used all available resources to accomplish the mission; coordinated with outside units to obtain support for personnel; eliminated admin delays

o trained Soldiers on all critical tasks; reduced errors on monthly AMSS reports to zero

o analyzed recruiting process, identified shortfalls, renewed focus; ROTC Detachment exceeded recruitment mission by ten percent

o established a training program within the squad that increased technician skills and decreased NMC vehicles by 40%

o delivered over 2M gallons of JP-8 aviation fuel to 110K aircraft annually; maintained impressive 15-minute average response time

o cleared over 2,000 miles during route clearance missions; detected two IEDs and safed, prevented casualties

Needs Improvement

o failed to complete multiple CBRN tasks issued by the battery commander; counseled numerous times to complete his duties within the suspense provided

o required supervision to work effectively, needs to develop self-discipline and learn to work efficiently when independent

o worked well under supervision but needs to develop self-discipline and learn to work independently

o ignored daily taskings; lack of records led to multiple write ups during QA inspection

o was consistently late on all training milestones; 30 days behind on SSD-2; threatens Section readiness

o overestimated Sections' capabilities; failed to deliver during CAPEX; caused revision of training standards and evaluation

o turned down opportunities for new experience and professional growth; not progressing or advancing in responsibility

o was uncooperative when corrected and displayed a consistent lack of interest in Section goals

o did not support organizational morale events; weakened camaraderie and unit cohesion

o cannot be depended on and is frequently late for shift; recommended for reclassification

o reported to work under the influence of alcohol; unable to execute his duties and breached safety protocols

o couldn't be relied upon to maintain production rate in the absence of supervision

o was and is negligent in meeting his responsibilities causing numerous obstacles to mission accomplishment

o failed to understand the importance of his duties, took advantage of every opportunity to avoid responsibility

o failed to identify critical mistakes which reduced productivity and wasted valuable time and unit funds

o struggled to meet the general expectations and internal suspenses directed by the commander

o accomplished all tasks to the minimum standard

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