Competence NCOER Bullet Examples

Ninety percent of success is related to attitude rather than competency.

o processed over 300 school requests that contributed to the battalion's ability to properly fill 100% of it's allocated Additional Skill Identifier (ASI) positions

o selected over four Senior NCOs to serve as a Platoon Sergeant for a platoon comprised primarily of Senior NCOs and BN Staff officers

o completed six credit hours towards her bachelors degree with a 3.0 GPA; graduated Battle Staff Non Commissioned Officers Course with a 91% course average

o maintained an operational readiness rate of 97% for over 300 pieces of ground support equipment valued over $60,000,000

o utilized personal asset and equipment to assist in the JMRC rotation; his knowledge and experience was vital to prepare, execute, and recover for the 14-08 Saber Junction

o managed 2 NCOs and 8 Soldiers to complete 1,520 work orders and accumulated over 11,160 man hours; organizational skills assisted in well maintained fleet

o provided transportation for over 10 Airborne operations within the 5th SFG(A); enhanced Soldiers ability to maintain Airborne proficiency

o flew more than ____ combat hours during day, ___ hours during night, ___ hours using night vision goggles during this rating period

o received Air Medal award during this rating period for outstanding performance

o constantly sought self improvement; always willing to grow, learn and improve while accomplishing additional tasks in his assigned duty position

o selected over 30 other NCOs in the Battery to be BN Battle NCO; was responsible for ensuring that all Kuwaiti assests maintained continual air defense coverage

o conducted Preliminary Marksmanship Instruction which resulted in all crew members firing sharpshooter on their assigned weapon

o his vigorous study hall sessions resulted in all crew members receiving 95% on Table IV testing

o recognized by battallion as one of the best Vehicle Crew Evaluators for his tactical expertise during 10 ranges across the Division

o processed 35 transfer and reclass packets

o helped develop the transportation platoon TTPs for IEDs, RPGs, SAF and complex ambushes during JRTC Rotation 10-03 resulting in increased combat readiness

o assisted in the designing and planning of the expansion of FOB Salerno theater FARP and AHA; improved aircraft versatility and ammuntion storage capacity by 20%

o implemented and strictly enforced a fuel pilferage deterent system resulting in only 3% fuel losses from host nation fuel delivery contractors

o awarded the designation of Demonstrated Logistician and completed the Additional Duty Safety Course

o received numerous accolades from the Commanding General, USARAK Chief of Staff and Command Sergeant Major for his assistance in the Holiday reception

o selected over peers to be cross-trained for the next Motor Sergeant position

o always displayed a high degree of technical knowledge of maintenance

o his dedication led to the succesful redeployment of the battalion back to Ft Carson.

o received the Medical Order of Military Merit from the Surgeon General for sustained superior performance

o wrote Directed Energy Warfare training pamphlet displaying excellent staff skills

o maintained SIDPERS rating of 100% for past 12 months

o received a rating of best supply operations during second and fourth quarters FY94

o wrote and implemented NCODP SOP which is now USAMA model program

o coordinated the safe movement of over 6,000 passengers with the Deployment Center and Base Ops

o all his areas inspected during last battalion command inspection were rated best in battalion

o selected over more senior noncommissioned officers to fill CW2 position

o commended for developing a Suicide Prevention Program that was adopted throughout the command

o manages a Brigade Retention program which is a Master Sergeant position

o advised a multi-agency foreign material exploitation team, received national intel community accolades

o highest score ever achieved in Drill Competition in his first 4 weeks as Drill Sergeant

o helped establish a unit notification program which was adapted by the TRADOC PERMAS Team

o proposed, developed, and documented the revision of the CMF 76 SGM authorizations

o developed 11B/13B BNCOC FTX-STX that became the model for all Noncommissioned Officer Academies

o managed complex five-day FTX, normally a field grade officer duty; increased capabilities with zero injuries

o selected as Battalion Master Dragon Gunner for two consecutive quarters

o awarded Bronze Badge of Excellence in CG's marksmanship competition

o recognized by 23rd TAACOM CG for best concurrent training during Aerial Gunnery Exercise

o professional competence responsible for two battalions winning Quarterly Excellence Award for personnel

o achieved three honor platoon awards during rating period

o authored the NeuSchwabish Community Physical Security Plan

o selected as assistant platoon sergeant over 11 other NCOs

o alerted, assembled, and deployed the company to support Operation Just Endeavor during Commander's absence

o received AAM from BN Commander for solving 12 related larcenies of government property

o General Patton highly commended his TOC operation during the recent I Corps BCTP exercise

o selected to represent the 3rd Ranger Training Battalion in the Best Ranger Competition

o awarded AAM by DC for outstanding administration of unit's NCO-ER program

o chosen over six other team chiefs to support critical real world mission in Ethiopia

o created the design and set-up the 5th SFG(A) contingency Joint Operations Center (JOC); recognized by the Group Commander for outstanding model display

o trained three NCOs for a demanding NCO Validation consisting of 25 individual 10 to 40 level skill task; resulted in 100% section completion of validation assessment

o involved in the development for concepts of support, which integrated group s logistical capabilities, subsequently increasing unit efficiency by 20%

o always in focus and is superbly well organized; never without direction

o her consistent performance has been invaluable to daily operations of the company

o two time Brigade NCO of the Quarter

o knowledgeable NCO who demonstrated the ability to manage numerous tasks simultaneously

o technically and tactically proficient

o knowledge, skills and abilities equal to or greater than peers and superiors

o competence and ability unequaled; stands out among his peers

o possesses the ability to make sound decisions with precision and accuracy

o accepted all obstacles as challenges; accepts nothing less than total success

o received the Brigade Disciplinary Award twice for unit excellence

o received commendable rating as 1SG in all areas during the Battalion Command Inspection

o selected from among 80 other NCOs as National Defense Transportation Association NCO of the Year

o highly skilled in planning, coordinating required equipment and personnel and conducting aircraft maintenance

o his attention to detail and invaluable experience played a vital role in the successful deployment of his team for OIF

o his vast experience and competence led to his selection over 10 other NCOs as an Advanced Cardiac Life Support instructor

o extremely competent; performed all duties above expected standards and expectations

o received commendable ratings during all Brigade Command Inspections

o commended by the Battalion Commander for his flawless execution of Physical Training

o conducted an air insertion mission and cleared an entire village to prevent insurgents from conducting future operations in the Battalion AO

Regard your soldiers as your children, and they will follow you into the deepest valleys. Look on them as your own beloved sons, and they will stand by you even unto death!
— Sun Tzu, the Art of War

o earned a rating of 99% in the area of training on the Standard Evaluation and Assistance Team external inspection, setting the standard for the rest of the CST program

o selected by the Company Commander to be the CFC S-1 NCOIC due to his superior competence and judgment; performed two levels above his rank

o displayed extreme technical competence; graduated from the Civil Support Skills Course; resulted in the capability to quickly react to HAZMAT operations

o consistently sought self improvement; earned 50 college credits towards a degree in emergency management while deployed to OEF X with no loss in continuity

o unparalleled technical and tactical knowledge; set the foundation for all mortar training for the Afghan National Army (ANA) at the Consolidated Fielding Center

o served as Platoon Sergeant for the company headquarters platoon with 27 Soldiers; the platoon continued to meet training standards and complete all tasks on time

o planned and executed a company level mortar live fire exercise; maintained the mortar sections ability to conduct combat operations and sustain mission readiness

o replaced a Major as interpreter manager for 70 Afghan linguists; enabled 24 multi-lingual kandaks to validate and deploy to their operational areas during OEF X

o planned and observed 10 mortar live fire exercises; all rounds impacted safely and effectively within two adjustments exceeding the FM 3-09.30 standards

o continued to seek self-improvement; learned foreign weapons systems in order to earn the coveted German Schutzenschnur Badge

o worked above his pay grade as a company Fire Support Officer (FSO); created classes and company SOPs for fire support section that ensured mission readiness

o coordinated and scheduled fire support training at the company level; ensured all Soldiers in the company were trained in call for fire tasks on indirect fire missions

o demonstrated tactical and technical knowledge; used his experience to train and develop the previous and incoming FSO

o awarded the ______ Medal for dedication to mission succes, force protection, analytical expertise, and action during combat operations in ________

o served as a key advisor to coordinate labor and resources to support two unit Organization Day functions feeding over 500 personal

o proficient at his duties as gunner, he completed the mission with little guidance from his superiors

o performed duties as Range Safety Officer/NCOIC at Range 18 M16/M4 zero range with no reported injuries or safety violations while zeroing over 5000 firers

o excellent NCO who possesses outstanding technical and tactical proficiency

o delegated effectively; developed his subordinates to lead

o delivered over 2M gallons JP-8 aviation fuel to 110K aircraft annually; maintained impressive 15-minute average response time

o demonstrated excellent technical and tactical knowledge as a squad leader ensuring all tasks were completed in a timely manner and exceeding all standards

o demonstrated sound mature judgment

o demonstrates outstanding aptitude for operational and administrative work

o designed, contracted, and installed computer systems for 2 APODs and ASP Headquarters

o developed 11B/13B BNCOC FTX-STX that became the model for all Noncommissioned Officer Academies

o developed a database program for security that was implemented as brigade standard

o developed a unique and efficient approach for debriefing crewmembers returning from missions involving critically or fatally wounded soldiers

o developed an automated review of 7 databases, reviewed over 21,700 QM positions Army wide

o developed and organized operational support for over 30 FTXs

o developed and published mission SOP for use by Watch NCOs of echelon-above-corps intelligence unit

o developed the first-ever maintenance SOP, created a standardized system for the Iraqi Border Patrol

o developed training management system which led unit to excellence rating during CI

o developed two theater-level order of battle databases; improved deployment success

o developed, implemented the Iraqi Border Police's Maintenance, Driver's Training and Dispatching programs

o dexterity and competence led to his selection as a Flight Instructor over 6 of his peers for the unit's Aircrew Training Program

o directly responsible for the units extremely successful deployment to NTC

o displayed convoy commander for over 150 Combat Logistic Patrols, with no loss of soldiers or equipment

o displayed high training skills and technical knowledge

o displayed outstanding organizational abilities; ensured the maintenance and upkeep of 11 wheeled vehicles and trailers with a property book value of $1,109,401

o displayed the ability to perform at a level of greater responsibility in the absense of his supervisor

o displayed the highest levels of professional competence in execution of his duties

o displays tactical and technical knowledge well beyond his skill level

o distinguished honor graduate of his BNCOC course

o distinguished Honor Graduate of the Traffic Management Accident Investigation Course

o drill Sergeant of the Quarter, Southeast Region Command

o during the Fort Gordon Signal Symposium his section received laudatory comments from the Commanding General

Redeployment Problems

o makes continuous attempts to assist other Soldiers with pre-deployment training but unable to express himself due to nervous condition

o complies with all training requirements but progress after return from deployment is slow; recommend counseling

o dedicated himself to the well-being of the Soldiers but is neglecting his own health to the point that the misison is threatened

o exemplifies the total Soldier but increasingly fails to show patience for training since redeployment

o performance has declined since redeployment; all efforts appear to require more effort with lessened results

o showed rare aptitude for operations planning but unable to work with peers or participate in group planning; recommend counseling

o first rate vehicle maintainer; turn-around time still good but half of what it was before Afghan rotation

o his techniques and procedures contributed to unit success during both stateside and overseas missions but family life has deteriorated and SGT is often late for work

o displays alternately a keen motivation and a distrust and unwillingness to follow orders; recommend medical evaluation

We need more bullets that demonstrate NCOs' inability to adapt or readjust after returning from deployment. NCOs with PTSD are being hurt when they send NCOERs to the Medical Board which fail to document the symptoms of PTSD or how their performance was affected.

Needs Improvement

o struggles with following up with tasks given to him by his first line leader

o was unable to qualify in key tasks and limited the readiness of the entire team

o failed to report on time for company movement to annual training

o fully capable of accomplishing simple tasks with proper supervision and coaching

o is committed to the unit and accomplishing tasks, but lacks the drive to utilize his knowledge and experience to be successful

o requires supervision; lacked ability to be an independent problem solver in order to accomplish the mission

o did not learn from previous mistakes; inefficient in his inability to perform duties as a Staff Sergeant

o fully capable of accomplishing simple tasks with proper supervision and coaching

o Soldier under-performed during rating period, resulting in mission failure

o accomplished 66.6% of assigned mission; enlisting 12 soldiers against a mission of 18 soldiers

o is committed to the unit and accomplishing tasks, but lacks the drive to utilize her knowledge and experience to be successful

o failed to meet requirements necessary to maintain his MOS

o is committed to the unit and accomplishing tasks, but lacks the knowledge and experience to be successful at this time

o disregarded his better judgment by negotiating an impassable mountain road resulting in damage to the non-tactical vehicle

o showed poor judgment when he attempted to navigate river bed with a non-tactical vehicle; damged undercarriage, inoperable

o took the wrong platoon's truck and failed to dispatch another truck, in addition to missing SP by forty minutes while assigned as a convoy commander

o wasted valuable training time taking over four hours to process sixteen Soldier's APFT results

o required substantial assistance from multiple people completing routine administrative tasks such as an NCOER, memorandum, and awards

o unable to multitask in a high OPTEMPO area, due to lack of knowledge of her additional duty which is Company Training NCOIC

o decertified as a Howitzer Chief of Section for his flagrant violation of directions by allowing his non-certified Gunner to fire a live round during Battery Certifications

o failed to assume duties and responsibilities as senior NCO in the absence of the NCOIC

o struggles with following up with tasks given to him by his first line leader

o was unable to qualify in key tasks and limited the readiness of the entire team

o performed admirably in most duties but needs to concentrate on...

o failure to use TM is a frequent problem and risks equipment and personnel

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