o trusted agent in word and deed, not afraid to 'tell it like it is'

o continuously strives to make his unit the best trained force in the army

o understands that honor and integrity are momentary and require a constant struggle to maintain

o ensures his decisions and actions are beyond reproach

o enforces strict adherence to Army Regulations

o realizes the transitory nature of honor and integrity yet always pursues

o performance above the normal call of duty produced exemplary results

o displays sincerity in ambitions and objectives

o an indispensable part of the moral foundation that inspires and motivates

o exceptionally reliable and trustworthy when given an assignment

o committed to mission accomplishment

o refuses to take credit for the benefits he inherited on rotation

o a sober NCO who understands, accepts, and carries on the tradition of sacrifice

o dedicated to the values and traditions of the Army

o understands the responsibility and duty he has been entrusted with

o sacrifices the comfort and morale of her family to ensure mission accomplishment

o continually demonstrates leadership and integrity beyond reproach

o innovative and determined in pursuit of goals of the Army

o displayed a high degree of professionalism and demanded the same of others

o motivates and challenges subordinates through leadership by example

o focused on mission accomplishment consistently achieving superior results

o possessed unselfish dedication to duty and quality maintenance

o risked life so that others may live on countless occasions

o united a diverse platoon to achieve the goals of our nation

o demonstrated the utmost competence in his duties even under the most extreme circumstances

o consistently sets the example by leading from the front and doing the right thing

o mission accomplishment is a direct result of his dedication to duty

o a loyal and committed NCO

o displays initiative and takes responsibility for his actions

o valued for her commitment and loyalty

o positive attitude toward mission accomplishment

o sincere, truthful, and fair

Needs Improvement

o failed to live up to Army values by failing multiple UA tests

o failed to train and prepare for qualification; violated leadership trust

o betrayed basic trust by intentionally neglecting equipment care to delay deployment

o padded medical records with imaginary ailments in order to qualify for 100% disability on discharge

o abused sickcall system; called in sick whenever it was her turn for hazardous duty

o chose to abandon a rewarding career to attend OCS

o focused on his own advancement more than unit goals

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