o defended the Commander's position; persuaded crew of necessity, kept efforts on track

o reported unlawful pilfering of supplies; risked reputation to conserve resources; readiness preserved

o sacrificed his own time to help struggling Soldiers succeed in Air Assault School; reduced fail rate 30%

o preserved momentum when others questioned the chain of command; indispensable and proven leadership

o committed his time to the unit's mission and subordinates; efforts influenced Section and improved training involvement

o remained tactful but insisted on candor and integrity; improved communication and situational awareness

o devoted her own time to assigned projects; regarded among most trustworthy and knowledgeable Soldiers

o reenlisted to stay with battalion for deployment; reduced training deficiency and sustained operations

o delayed college enrollment to cover manning deficiency; bleeds olive drab

o risked personal safety to ensure safety of visiting unit and their mission; trust with most vital tasks

o never compromised her morals and integrity; lived the Army Core Values daily in word and deed

o made critical decisions for the Army today and the future; fulfilled moral obligation

o maintained a fierce and steadfast belief in assigned mission; improved cooperation and focused efforts

o preserved Army tradition by encouraging and enforcing participation in all ceremonies and events

o turned in seven award packages, recognized superior performance; paid big dividends in loyalty and team morale

o unequaled loyalty; dedicated and caring leader

o possesses absolute dedication and loyalty to the unit, the mission, and the soldiers

o committed to excellence and mission accomplishment

o works efficiently and effectively with superiors and is selflessly committed to the unit's mission

o reenlisted to stay with her unit until mission was finished

o committed to training and caring for soldiers and their families

o possesses unselfish dedication and loyalty to the unit and the mission

o exhibits highest standard of loyalty to superiors and the organization

o embodies the highest standards of loyalty, integrity, and personal behavior continuously

o demonstrated extreme loyalty to team and unit

o enforces strict adherence to Army regulations

o stood behind principal and was outwardly determined and loyal

o exceptionally unselfish in commitment to subordinates, unit and mission

o displayed moral courage and unparalleled integrity

o trusted by superiors to lead platoon and make the right decisions

o is a soldier first, proud to serve, resolute in his duty

o worked long hours to ensure Soldiers were taken care of

o demonstrated exceptional pride in his soldiers, his job, and the Army

o rejected transfer to rear to remain behind with his team

o has unquestionable loyalty to her unit and the Army

o dedicated to this unit and its mission

o showed unquestioning faith in the chain of command and Army values

o possesses pride in service and a sense of duty that inspires his peers

o supported and encouraged allegiance to mission

o insisted on loyalty to supervisors and peers

o volunteered for difficult civic project to improve Army's image abroad

o has an unwavering devotion to his job and his responsibilities to his team members

o loyal to the unit and the ideals of the NCO Corps

Needs Improvement

o padded medical records with imaginary ailments in order to qualify for 100% disability on discharge

o abused sickcall system; called in sick whenever it was her turn for hazardous duty

o abandoned a rewarding career to attend Officer Candidate School (OCS)

o focused on his own professional advancement to the detriment of unit goals; subordinate morale and efforts declined

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