o spoke up at Commander's call; identified overlooked support for deployed members; improved deployed checklist and support

o calls it like it is, ensures standards remain high IAW Army Regulations

o rejects status quo answers that may not paint the whole picture, instead provides fact-based information freely

o unshakable will and dedication; materializes Army values with his actions

o voices a tactful but honest opinion under all circumstances

o has the moral courage to state his opinions honestly and freely

o determined and loyal, stands behind his beliefs

o has the courage to state the truth and the patience to present his views logically

o this NCO is honest in word and fearless in battle

o displays strength in character, pride, and professionalism

o enforces army regulations fairly and consistently

o stands firmly on his convictions

o realizes the importance of his contributions and volunteers his opinion when needed

o subverts his pride and reputation, insists on further discussion to ensure mission success

o stands up for his personal convictions

o possesses the moral courage to always do the right thing

o exhibits high standards of behavior; a model soldier and extraordinary leader

o stands up for his soldiers and himself

o not afraid to confront sensitive issues; understands the excitement of truth

o always open and candid when asked questions or expressing his opinions

o possesses strong moral principles and personal values

o exhibits moral courage, stands up for what is right

o aggressively seeks out new and difficult challenges and responsibilities

o stands for what is right

o totally professional and demands the same of his soldiers

o defends his position, even without the support of his peers or superiors

o displayed strength in character, pride, and professionalism and voiced honest opinion under all circumstances

Needs Improvement

o failed to deliver SHARP presentation as scheduled

o did not report incidents of sexual harassment in the shop

o Soldier made immoral and unethical decision, despite multiple offers by unit for help

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P stands for Personal Courage

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