Rater NCOER Bullet Comments

Overall Performance. The rater comments on the NCO's performance during the rated period.

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o she ranks in the top 5% of all senior leaders I've served with in 25 years of service; she orchestrated innovative ways to motivate all staff members to accomplish USMEPCOM's mission

o epitome of service and relationships; her ability to utilize organizational structure, resources, and culture to the command's advantage improved the overall efficiency of the unit

o consistently sought self-improvement, assignment to positions of greater responsibility would be beneficial to any organization

o exceptional leader devoted to the unit's training mission; promote ahead of peers to First Sergeant; best Sergeant First Class that I have ever rated

o send to Sergeants Major Academy immediately

o demonstrated superior planning and execution skills; position this NCO where he can make the greatest influence

o highly motivated professional with unlimited potential; strives to achieve best operational and training practices

o without a doubt, a consummate team player, coach and trainer

o excellent instructional abilities; motivated and self-confident NCO who consistently performs high quality training

o must be allowed to demonstrate his limitless potential

o effective Staff Sergeant in a demanding strategic environment

o promote to SFC when eligible

o promote to Master Sergeant now and appoint as First Sergeant; a true professional who's always in the middle of our most critical processes

o superb performance in finding a balance when confronted with a multitude of tasks, this NCO will no doubt produce successful results under stressful conditions

o a pentathlete NCO who can be challenged with the most senior positions in the AMEDD

o promote to Master Sergeant now; assign as a First Sergeant now

o continue to send to career enhancing courses

o the total NCO; performed Platoon Sergeant and First Sergeant duties simultaneously with superior results

o a strong leader who successfully demands and receives the highest standards of excellence from NCOs and Soldiers; unequivocally devoted to Soldier development

o clearly capable of serving with distinction in the most demanding and critical assignments requiring a Senior Noncommissioned Officer

o unlimited potential; challenge this consummate NCO with all future assignments and missions

o has a Senior Leaders Course date; continue to groom for Senior Leadership positions

o effective, energetic and optimistic; a strong NCO with unlimited potential

o promote immediately to MSG and capitalize on this NCO's dedication to leading and mentoring Soldiers

o possesses the knowledge and dedication to perform in the most demanding positions; will excel where others only succeed

o leadership abilities are advanced far beyond current pay grade/rank

o few soldiers are as respected by their superiors, peers and subordinates

o has the ability to make his soldiers want to learn and excel in all areas

o must promote to Master Sergeant now and send to the First Sergeant's course immediately

o a superb NCO with unlimited potential; place in positions of greater responsibility

o an excellent performance by a superior NCO, leader and mentor; a selfless team player

o unequaled talent, competence, efficiency and multi-tasking ability; an irreplaceable asset for any team

o an exceptionally talented and gifted NCO, he consistently broke through impediments and produced superb results

o a multitasker whose experience, professionalism, work ethic, and drive for excellence increased unit readiness significantly

o this NCO is already at the First Sergeant level; groom now for Sergeant Major

o performance and decision making abilities are that of a senior NCO

o very capable Senior NCO who can always be trusted to complete any mission

o sets and achieves high personal standards

o a dynamic performer and multifunctional NCO who is sought out across the Command for his extraordinary leadership capabilities

o outstanding individual performance; select for Command Sergeant Major

o unlimited potential, will succeed in the toughest jobs

o dedication to mission is unequalled; remains unflappable and productive under stressful situations

o always mission oriented; thorough analytical skills; articulate in written and spoken communications

o do not promote, has unlimited potential to excel in positions requiring great technical skill with no leadership responsibility

o recognized as the best supply sergeant in battalion

o innovative NCO, not afraid of risks in order to improve mission results

o unlimited potential for positions of increased responsibility

o highly skilled and dedicated professional, performs far beyond expectations;outstanding asset to the unit

o promote immediately; send to First Sergeant course

o unique and rare talent; promote now ahead of peers

o a confident leader that is dedicated to ensuring his soldiers are well trained

o epitomizes what every NCO should be: aggressive, intelligent, professional

o managed Soldiers' schedules and technical skills resulting in 99% patrol reliability rate

o is technically and tactically proficient

o a rare mix of intelligence and initiative; consistently achieves excellent results across a broad range of responsibilities

o always took a no-nonsense approach and stated opinion in a straight forward manner

o taking care of soldiers and superiors is his number one priority

o flexible and versatile leader with unbounded potential, ready to assume 1SG responsibilities!

o multi-talented and accomplished leader and soldier

o a real team player

o excellent technical abilities; motivated and self-confident Soldier; consistently performs high quality work

o displays unlimited potential

o hard working, versatile NCO. Quickly workcenter qualified. Challenge with more responsibilities.

o this SGT has a vast amount of knowledge

o promote and make First Sergeant now; he's ready to run his own company now

o physically fit; in tremendous condition; will succeed

o absolutely superior NCO; excelled in job performance, community service and leadership--promote at once

o always excels as a soldier and a leader

o willing to learn and grow

o can handle any position; held Platoon Sergeant and Section NCOIC position simultaneously with great success

o unlimited potential; continue to assign to tough positions of increased responsibility

o unequaled selfless service to duty

o select for First Sergeant now; groom for Command Sergeant Major

o assign as a platoon sergeant now, his knowledge will enhance unit's ability to accomplish all missions

o genuine concern and unselfish dedication to duty

o demonstrates the ability for increased responsibility at the platoon level

o select for ANCOC and promote immediately

o selected as top performer of the quarter for 3rd Quarter 2007; displayed leadership, professionalism

o this NCO needs no supervision

o consistently perform above standards; achieves outstanding results

Needs Improvement Bullet Comments

o needed some help to meet deadlines; could have benefited from delegating, prioritization and multitasking

o NCO's otherwise great performance was severely impacted due to his lapse in judgement during rating period; failed to uphold the Army Values

o with detailed instruction and supervision Soldier can accomplish assigned tasks

o send to SLC as soon as Soldier is eligible

o unlimited potential; needs to work on his leadership and problem solving before executing duties of greater responsibility

o has potential, with more experience, to excel as a leader

o maintains professionalism and poise; performance is sometimes above average, but has a lack of loyalty and respect for superiors

o a technical SME and a great asset for training, but demonstrates a lack of morale in this Unit. May perform better in another Command.

o promote when NCOES is complete

o lacks personal drive to lead soldiers or accomplish tasks

o maintain at current position; personal life events have lowered morale within his section

o failed to set the example for his Soldiers to follow during this rated period

o disobeyed a direct order from the SSA Accountable Officer

o failed to comply with instructions given to him from the chain of command

o do not recommend for promotion at this time, with further mentorship and training this Soldier may be ready for greater responsibility

o performance is sometimes above average but erratic; undependable and cannot not rely on for unsupervised assignments

o NCO is not a contributing member of the U.S. Army; do not retain and remove from positions of responsiblity immediately

o NCO consistently fails to perform the duties required at his rank; incapable of handling even menial tasks without direct supervision (MAB)

o needs to develop his technical skills before advancing to the next grade with duties of greater responsibility

o maintains professionalism and poise, but lacks motivation to lead

o resists change and is unable to adjust or be flexible

o does not prefer to be in a leadership position, does not command respect from subordinates

o performance is sometimes above average but erratic and undependable, could not rely on unambiguous assignments

o keep with troops so our Soldiers can benefit from his leadership and selfless service

o rater was relieved during rating period

o promote to Staff Sergeant with peers; continue to groom as squad leader

o send to Advance Leaders Course when slot is available

o performs at expected levels, does not distinguish himself from his peers

o promote to SFC if slots are available, send to ALC immediately

o promote at the convenience of the Army

o unable to report to work on time and needs constant supervision. Retention is not advised.

o SSG Smith is uncooperative with leadership and fails to understand the difference between "taking care of troops" and following orders. His combative attitude is counter-productive and a liability to this Command.

o resists suggestions for improvement and actively works against the orders of his superiors

o put forward much effort but unable to progress; consider reclassification

o not fit for this type of activity, exhibits a negative attitude and should be disqualified

o has the potential to be an excellent technician but is often careless with...

o cannot work with his peers and is counter-productive

o allowed the pressure of family issues to affect her performance. Recommend release from duties and counseling until such time she can resume work without endangering others.

o despite increasing assistance and training, he continues to have serious difficulty completing assigned tasks, recommend reclassification

o lacks experience and fails to understand the importance of advancement

o unable to adjust to deployment or the diverse demands of a joint environment

o probably the worst performer in our Command

o failed to meet Brigade standards and should not be retained

o demonstrated a lack of skill in some duties, has potential, should double training efforts

o does not comply with regulations and is a threat to the safety of this battery. Recommend discharge at earliest opportunity.

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