o supported equal opportunity and fairness; facilitated a productive and harmonious work environment

o recognized and promoted traditional standards of military courtesy

o inspired team building within his platoon

o encouraged equal opportunity throughout the platoon

o committed to the unit's mission

o practiced fair and equal treatment of all soldiers

o supported the Army EEO/EO program

o united his cell, increased productivity and morale

o offered advice, but remained loyal to final decisions made by superiors

o a team player who shows great pride in the unit

o loyal, dedicated, and dependable NCO

o demonstrated a professional attitude under all circumstances; asset to any unit

o teaches a divided squad is a divided Army which threatens the safety of all

o instills spirit of teamwork in his soldiers

o his exemplary personal conduct both on and off duty forged sincere leadership, rapport, and trust

o encouraged honest and open dialog; mutual respect resulted in up-to-date situational awareness

o forged an interlocking atmosphere of trust

o believes in fairness as a principle, not an order

o totally professional and demands the same of his soldiers

o puts the Army first, personal concerns second

o takes great pride in supporting all her soldiers

o worked harmoniously and effectively with others

o is a member of the team and shows pride in unit

o totally dedicated to unit, mission and soldiers; a credit to the NCO Corps

o handles situation firm and fair; unequaled in promoting harmony and teamwork

o loyal, truthful and fair

o absolute dedication and loyalty to the chain of command, unit, and mission

o strives for team effort in accomplishing assigned tasks

o dedicated team player who fosters esprit de corps

o dedicated to team goals over individual personalities

Needs Improvement

o undermined authority of supervisors and subordinates by not showing proper respect to leaders and subordinates

o failed to fulfill his leadership's intent for positive and appropriate EO practices

o needed to be consistent with leadership style and maintain formality when in presence of Soldiers

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R is for Respect

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