o regularly communicated successful methods and procedures to others in the unit; team player who supported both his peers and subordinates

o responsible for the seamless transfer of over $10 million worth of equipment during a post deployment MTOE re-alignment

o maintained 100% accountability of equipment valued in excess of $45 million dollars; excellent custodian of government equipment

o sought, and received disposition instructions for over $100,000 worth of non-MTOE or excess MTOE equipment; directly increasing the company's readiness

o sustained 100% accountability for 45 days on 19 line items including 84 calibrated devices in Operation Inherent Resolve, valued over $550,000

o his dedication to the mission through maintenance and accounability resulted in Platoon readiness for a variety of possible contingency missions while on PTDO

o served as NCOIC during BN Missile Selectability; resulted in the movement of 32 live missiles with zero accidents; a key element to the unit's overall readiness

o consistently produced monthly readiness reports; briefed and stored historical data to measure future performance goals and produce the yearly training guidance

o always concerned with enforcing the Army Safety Program; risk assessments were incorporated into all training; completed the additional duty safety officer course

o consistently and punctually produced monthly drill reports, Logstats, Fuel receipt reports and a multitude of other reporting activities correspondent to duty position

o tracked over 20 million dollars of organizational equipment and property with zero defect accountability including a relocation of parent unit

o avoided processing a single FLIPL for lost of missing Soldier OCIE using aggressive approach

o enforced strict cleanliness and hygiene standards throughout the platoon's areas of responsibility for the Academy; ensured a healthy learning environment at all times

o his stringent levels of discipline and dedication to the mission through maintenance resulted in his platoon selected for the DCRF mission

o consistently emphasized the importance of property accountability through extreme budget constraints; 100% accountability of equipment valued in excess of $15 million

o his emphasis on driver safety resulted in seven NCOs and eight Soldiers receiving the Driver's Badge

o taught Soldiers the importance of individual responsibility

o never wasted a moment of the Army's time on sick call

o instrumental in maintaing 100% accountability of all company equipment and property

o displayed dedication to mission accomplishment; consistently ensured all standards were met and upheld, with 99% graduation of assigned Soldiers in rating period

o maintained 100% accountability of over $2,000,000 of highly pilferable equipment during his deployment to two seperate FOB's in Iraq

o diligently pursued equipment tracking through PBUSE to achieve 100 percent accountability of all assigned property

o maintained 100% accountability of over $111,500 of highly pilferable equipment during deactivation and hand receipt changeover of a major US Army command

o promoted junior NCO responsibility and ownership by appropriately delegating tasks and sub-hand receipting equipment, resulting in the safeguard of unit equipment

o his active involvement with Family Readiness Group increased X% participation of family members improving unit cohesion

o distinguished herself from her peers with dedication to Soldier welfare; showed genuine concern for her Soldiers through mentorship, teaching, and involvement

o unequivocally set an unequaled standard of weapon and equipment maintenance, while being the first to inspect and correct any issues

o selected as Combined Federal Campaign Coordinator, contacted 100% of assigned personnel and raised over $15,000 in contributions

o always concerned with safety while operating equipment in his section

o maintained 100 percent accountability of more than $20,000 worth of equipment, resulting in zero loss or damage during deployment

o supervised the creation and manning of area force protection fighting positions for a Forward Operating Base in a theater of combat operations

o ensured accurate and prompt reporting of all military justice actions for the unit; completely reliable and trustworthy

o evaluated the experiences of 25 soldiers every Battle Assembly and communicated mission essential information to the Commander every month

o holds his subordinates to standard of X correspondence courses per pay period

o encourages subordinates to become more mentally capable soldiers by enrolling in Continuing Education programs and Army sub-courses.

o accurately manages over 10 million dollars in property

o constantly implements changes to improve unit operations

o manages resources in a highly efficient manner

o responsible for and maintain over six million dollars worth of accountable MTOE equipment without loss or damage

o issued and maintained the storage of over five million gallons of JP-8 fuel and over seventy tons of ammunition valued at over twenty million dollars without loss

o directly responsible for ensuring his FARPs were in compliance with all OSHA, HAZMAT and safety regulations; highly praised during two safety inspections

o aggressive in the development of his Soldiers, shows them what is right and encourages them to excel in every aspect of being a Soldier

o enforced compliance with shop safety regulations and SOP's that resulted in zero injuries of assigned personnel

o displayed the ability to perform at a level of greater responsibility in the absense of his supervisor

o demonstrated outstanding organizational abilities; ensured the maintenance and upkeep of 11 wheeled vehicles and trailers with a property book value of $1,109,401

o stands up for and does what is right

o his emphasis on safety resulted in 365 accident-free days

o mentored and motivated his Soldiers to continue their college education resulting in them completing 66 credit hours while deployed

o maintained 100% accountability of all assigned equipment

o initiated unit recycling program which reduced waste

o accepts responsibility not only for himself but for subordinates as well

o exercised responsibility for maintenance and accountability of facilities and equipment

o inspires and enforces growth and excellence; 55 percent of his platoon enrolled in college

o completed over 100 combat missions and logged over 2K miles with no accidents or injuries

o managed resources in a highly efficient manner

o teaches soldiers the importance of individual responsibility

o sustained 95 percent operational readiness rate for platoon equipment

o safety briefings resulted in zero training accidents; constantly encouraged subordinates to accept more responsibility

o consistently accomplishes more in less time with fewer soldiers and resources

o personally responsible for unit's excellent safety record

o does what is right always

o a leader that ensures all property is properly accounted for at all times

o efficiently managed a budget in excess of $300,000

o conducts all quality assurance inspections off Air Mobile equipment prior to deployment

o constantly improves maintenance procedures to ensure optimum mission readiness

o obtained equipment and developed the first known standard within DOD for reclaiming refrigerants

o led the way; ensured all assigned vehicles were always mission ready

o enforced strict field training exercise procedures to ensure safety and no loss of time for soldiers

o accepts responsibility for his actions and the actions of his soldiers

o stressed safety first; trained with zero accidents

o key to company receiving Brigade recognition for safety excellence

o practiced supply economy which resulted in conservation of much needed funds

o his emphasis on safety resulted in his squad members being awarded the Driver's badge

o encouraged his Soldiers to continue formal education to improve their future opportunities, resulted in 100% enrolling in college courses

o implemented policies which significantly reduced the number of injuries within his platoon

o Saved the ARMY well in excess of $100,000 by sustaining serviceability of various vehicle components

o takes responsibility for good, bad, right, and wrong; makes no excuses

o managed two company Property Books and 36 sub-hand receipts, valued at over $55 million; executed 65 lateral transfers, 21 turn-ins, and 41 receipts and fieldings

o monitored accountability of over $800,000 worth of sensitive items and Special Operations peculiar items with zero discrepancies or loss

o implemented a strict command supply discipline program for the company due to loss of 40% of the year's budget; improved delivery of needed supplies by 73%

Responsibility and accountability are the proper care and use of personnel, equipment, and funds. Maintenance of weapons, vehicles, and equipment is a special Soldier responsibility because of its importance to the success of all Army missions. It includes the inspection of Soldiers' equipment, making Soldiers accountable for repairs and losses, and learning how to use and maintain all assigned equipment. It's making time for inventories and being aware of equipment status and taking action to repair or replace substandard equipment. It means being aware of where each soldier is, their condition and health, where they and their family live, and their general well-being. It involves the continuous assessment of the working environment to ensure safe working conditions in order to keep the level of accidents, injuries, and equipment damage as low as possible. Responsibility and accountability are also the provision of a healthy working climate in which Soldiers are encouraged to learn and develop their skills, free from sexual, racial, or gender bias or discrimination. And Soldiers must accept responsibility for and stand behind their, and their subordinates, decisions and actions.

Personal Responsibility Adjectives

Accountable, Conscientious, Careful, Cooperative, Consistent, Committed, Conservative, Cautious, Courageous, Diligent, Dedicated, Diplomatic, Dependable, Essential, Earnest, Efficient, Effective, Experienced, Involved, Loyal, Mature, Persuasive, Productive, Positive, Professional, Protective, Proactive, Reliable, Resourceful, Responsible, Sober, Selfless, Stable, Staunch, Supportive, Trustworthy, Understanding, Unyielding, Wise

Needs Improvement NCOER Bullets

o current level of responsibility is too great

o habitually late with irresponsible excuses

o failed to live up to his obligations by not returning to his unit after he completed his replacement detachment duty

o displays a lack of respect for superiors creating dissention in ranks lowering unit morale

o needs improvement on training soldiers

o failure to maintain accurate inventory delayed deployment

o follows orders under supervision but cannot be relied on to comply with orders without guidance

o works well under supervision but needs to develop self-discipline and work independently

o needs to realize importance of performing daily tasks and the effects of ignoring them

o is uncooperative when corrected and displays a consistent lack of interest in section goals

o his failure to follow orders led to the loss of his security clearance and now section is undermanned and unable to meet quota

o cannot be depended on and is frequently late for shift. Recommend remedial training.

o reported to work under the influence of alcohol and was unable to execute his duties as...

o was entrusted with our most critical and essential tasks but disappointed his mentors

o cannot be relied upon to maintain production rate in the absence of supervision

o cannot be trusted to oversee safe delivery of...must be supervised at all times

o was and is negligent in meeting his responsibilities causing numerous obstacles to mission accomplishment

o failure to supervise subordinates or follow procedures resulted in the loss of $2,000 worth of equipment

o unexcused absence from duty left soldiers unsupervised

o fails to understand the importance of his duties, takes advantage of every situation to avoid responsibility

o demonstrated little regard for the security and accountability of sensitive items during deployments

o wasted rations quota and now squad is under-equipped

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