Selfless Service NCOER Bullets

o cared for Soldiers to be discharged with adverse actions with dignity and respect; exhibited superior leadership character

o displayed the utmost devotion to HHC's mission; accomplished the unit's goals for the first time in five years

o sacrificed an extraordinary amount of time and effort to establish unit camaraderie, cohesion, and esprit de corps; poised team for success

o always places the needs of the unit above his own; highly dedicated to the moral development of future leaders

o worked behind the scenes to ensure job was completed without requiring recognition

o was never too busy to give up personal time for the welfare of his soldiers

o places Army, mission, and subordinates above personal interest

o delayed college enrollment to cover manning deficiency

o shows genuine concern for subordinates

o sacrifices personal interests, committed to team effort

o turned down transfer to CONUS to stay with her unit

o scheduled himself last for advanced training course, the definition of integrity

o works long hours ensuring soldiers are taken care of

o sacrificed off-duty time to support and attain unit goals

o placed the unit's mission, welfare, and training of his soldiers above personal needs

o made unit mission and Soldier welfare a priority

o focused on mission accomplishment, not personal glory

o volunteered for extensive civic works project to help local nationals

o devoted an extraordinary amount of time to increasing the functionality of the unit area; improved quality of life for residents

o assumed others' responsibilities, risked personal safety to ensure new Soldiers received necessary locality training

o displayed the utmost devotion to the mission and the soldiers

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