Senior Rater NCOER Bullet Comments

SGT ______ ranks #1 of 13 Sergeants I senior rate. Unlimited potential; consistently demonstrated the ability to perform at the level and will undoubtedly excel in his career. Promote ahead of peers and send to next available ALC course.

SGT_____ is a positive and determined NCO that exceeds the standard when performing given operational tasks. With further cultivation and leadership experience SGT Gregory has great potential to develop his leadership skills and contribute tremendously to any assigned organization. Consider for next primary military education opportunity immediately.

SFC ______ is an exceptional NCO who is ready for the next level of leadership. Her ability to solve complex problems and lead Soldiers make her an asset to any organization she is a part of. Promote to MSG now and place as a 1SG.

1SG _______ ranks #1 of 3 Master Sergeants that I senior rate. Unlimited potential. Select for promotion now and send to the United States Army Sergeant Major Academy immediately. Absolutely a future Battalion Sergeant Major.

SFC Stoney is the #2 of 6 highly talented Platoon Sergeants in my company and among the top 5% of NCOs that I have known in my 15 year career. Excellent organizational skills and leader with potential for key leadership position; select for promotion to MSG now and send to MLC immediately. SFC Stoney will be a distinguished senior leader in the Regiment in the future.

SGT DODO is a talented NCO and serves with extreme pride but is hindered by his duty performance. He should complete the next level SSD and attend ALC to attain more leadership skills. SGT DODO will be able to handle additional responsibility after some mentorship and training. He should be retained in the Alabama National Guard.

XXX displays the utmost professionalism. Capable of leading troops, she displays confidence and poise when instructing large groups of Soldiers. She is a natural trainer focused on mission accomplishment and the technical preparedness of the unit. Her technical and tactical knowledge and experience are an asset to any unit. She is ready for greater responsibility and should be sent to ALC now.

SGT Snuffy excelled in maintaining accountability of nearly 2,000 line items, as well as the dispatching and work orders for the entire task force. His performance in this task sets him above his peers and should be considered for promotion as soon as eligible.

SSG Warrior is a positive and determined NCO that performs well during operational tasks. He needs further time to continue to develop his leadership skills before being considered for his next promotion. He should be considered for his next PME when eligible.

SSG _____ is an exceptional Noncommissioned Officer, he is among the best I have ever rated, with further development and experience in his next assignment his potential is unlimited. He is ready for more responsibility as either a Weapons Squad Leader of Platoon Sargent. His development in these roles will lead to a successful tenure as a company or Battalion Leader.

Sergeant Bowers is a mature and dependable technician who consistently delivered high-caliber maintenance and technical direction. He maintained operations under austere conditions with little guidance or support. Promote this resourceful tech now

SGT Leason is a dedicated and vigilant member of our team. His allegiance to the mission inspired his peers and made this NCO an invaluable asset. He controlled 24-hour operations of five Entry Control Points and two gun mounts at SPOD and secured over one billion dollars worth of U.S. and Coalition Forces equipment. Under his direct supervision, over 20,100 vehicles, 30,000 Third Country Nationals and contractors were cleared and processed. Promote.

SSG Brown demonstrated exceptional leadership and the ability to get the job done. His ability think on his feet and maintain situational awareness of the Area of Operation during more than 100 Advise and Assist missions ensured operational success. Recommend promotion.

Sergeant Bassford is a hard working Soldier who performs all duties in a conscientious manner. He consistently participates in all tasks and his willingness to accept added responsibility increases his potential for positions of more responsibility.

Staff Sergeant Kong excelled in a challenging position and is already operating at the next level. He simultaneously coordinated construction management and engineering assistance for over 30 high profile projects. Promote to Sergeant First Class now.

SFC Boatright is ready to assume greater responsibilities. He oversaw runway maintenance and security for FOB Salerno and facilitated hundreds of landings in support of critical operations. He possesses untapped potential to excel and should be placed in only the most demanding position.

He is in the top one percent of the senior NCOs I rate. His careful analysis and proactive action achieve the optimal balance of operational and strategic perspectives. He is a future Sergeant Major.

Sergeant Foster is a team player who contributed to our unit earning the Army Award for Maintenance Excellence. He is a talented Squad Leader who adapts to shifting conditions and gets the job done. He reduced our supply account by $200,000 by correcting erroneous records. Promote this Soldier now.

Staff Sergeant Singh is an absolutely superior Platoon Sergeant. He ensured all forces were trained on critical crew drills and more importantly the tactics, techniques and procedures of the enemy. Challenge this Soldier with greater responsibility and promote immediately to SFC!

Staff Sergeant Johnson revised our training qualification program, reduced the required training for qualification and subsequently reduced qualification time by 50 percent. She is strongly recommended for a management post.

He is a positive leadership example that has consistently brought out the best in his team. He completed over 100 successful convoy security missions across over 10,000 miles of hostile territory. Reward this Soldier with increased responsibility now.

Sergeant Ross is an asset to 67th Expeditionary Signal Battalion. His outstanding performance has contributed significantly to the high level of success achieved by this command. He is highly recommended for advancement to Staff Sergeant.

SSG XXXXXXXXX maintained 100 percent operational capability and strict accountability of over million worth of equipment. She mentored and held accountable subordinate maintenance activity managers, building their knowledge of maintenance management and enforcing tough standards. Her efforts can be quantitatively measured in a consistent operational readiness rate of above 90 percent for 76 supported units. XXXXX enjoys my complete trust and confidence and demonstrates readiness for increased challenges. Promote to XXXXXXXXXXXX.

SGT Rios is a skilled and well-trained electronics and systems technician who inspires and challenges his peers. He maintained 100 percent service rate under austere conditions with very little support. Promote this resourceful tech now.

Needs Improvement Bullet Comments

SSG XXXXX is currently 12th out of 12 Staff Sergeants that I rate. He has potential if he desires to use it. Currently the United States Army is not his priority. With further mentorship and training he may be ready for greater responsibilities in the future. Soldier should not be sent to advanced schooling or promoted at this time.

SGT Mary has the potential to be a greater asset in the NCO corps with additional training and experience. SGT Mary should be sent to Basic Leaders Course and be immediately enrolled into Advanced Leaders Course and be promoted with peers.

SGT Jill has the potential to be a greater asset in the NCO corps with additional training and experience. She should be sent to Basic Leaders Course when eligible. SGT Jill should be able to handle additional responsibility after some mentorship and schooling.

SGT Smith is an unconventional asset to the Unit as an assistant to the Unit Supply Sergeant. Send Soldier to current level NCOES, promote with peers.

Her potential is limited, she performs at expected levels. With further mentorship and training she may be ready for greater responsibilities in the future. Send to the Advanced Leaders Course when available. Promote to Staff Sergeant with peers.

SFC Brown has unlimited potential but needs to work on his leadership and problem solving skills before executing duties of greater responsibility. Send to SLC as soon as Soldier is eligible.

Performance is often above average but SSG Wheelis lacks loyalty and respect for superiors. She has potential, with more experience, to excel as a leader.

He is a technical SME and training asset but demonstrates a lack of rapport with and concern for subordinates and has contributed to low morale in this Unit. May perform better in another Command.

Do not recommend for promotion at this time. With further mentorship and training SGT Maclay may be ready for greater responsibilities in the future.

SSG Harding's performance is sometimes above average but he is undependable and cannot be relied on for unsupervised assignments.

This NCO is not a contributing member of the U.S. Army; do not retain and remove from positions of responsiblity immediately.

SSG Adams' otherwise superior performance was marred by his lapse in judgement during rating period; failed to uphold the Army Values.

SGT Willard is ready for promotion. With detailed instruction and supervision this Soldier can accomplish assigned tasks.

SGT Keck consistently failed to comply with safety regulations and OIs and is a threat to the safety of this battery. Recommend discharge at earliest opportunity.

SSG Smith is uncooperative with leadership and fails to understand the difference between "taking care of troops" and following orders. His combative attitude is counter-productive and a liability to this Command.

Despite increased assistance and training, he continues to have difficulty completing assigned tasks. Recommend reclassification.

SGT Reynolds is unable to adjust to deployment or the diverse demands of a joint environment.

Performs at expected levels, does not distinguish himself from his peers. Send to Advance Leaders Course when slot is available.

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