TRAINING NCOER Bullet Comment Examples

o team player who trains students to achieve their maximum potential

o ensured academic standards were upheld by holding after hours study sessions during Air Ground Integration Course in Ft. Sill, OK

o developed a meticulous and detailed tracking system that improved the unit's ability to plan, forecast and logistically prepare for training exercises and schools

o RSO for BN M203 range qualification, resulting in a 95% qualification rate and zero injuries, accidents or incidents with 1400 rounds fired

o ambitious NCO, never turns down training opportunities, and shares knowledge gained with all soldiers, attended biometrics training with only 1 day notice

o volunteered 10 additional duty days, unpaid, to help prepare company for NTC rotation 8-14

o adjusted without complaint as changes were incorporated in the Training Program

o learned rapidly and adapted quickly to changing situations

o directly responsible for success of two STAFFEXs; his efforts increased the S2's functionality and effectiveness to support the Battalion's wartime missions

o strongly addressed SHARP by aggressively focusing on prevention through education and training; ensured 100% attendance in semi-annual classes

o his knowledge of MP Tasks allowed him to effectively train the entire unit in Area Security efficiently to prepare to duties during deployment to GTMO

o utilizing superior organizational skills, planned and coordinated training of 173 personnel to achieve exceptional results during Pre-Mobilization in Fort Bliss, TX

o possessed strong technical and operational knowledge in all facets of position held

o notably trained 35 Artillery Soldiers in riot tactics in preparation for unit's Rapid Reaction Force Mission

o successfully trained his incoming replacement on the tasks associated with Division Inprocessing

o exceptional land navigation skills enabled his students to achieve a 100% land navigation pass rate for 8 consecutive cycles

o trained Students in the tactical leadership skills needed for Army NCO's in the areas of combat operations, combat orders, and battle drills with a 100% passing rate

o instructed and retrained through expert guidance over 200 Students in land navigation resulting in a 98% pass rate; enhancing overall Army mission success

o provided realistic and relevant training directly related to the Contemporary Operational Environment; training methods provided a model for others to follow

o developed a variety of techniques that enhanced the learning process enabling 7 of his students to make the top 20% of the class in the past 8 cycles

o cross-trained all soldiers on his team to ensure 100% un-interruptible service to his customers on COB Adder and FOB Echo, Iraq during OND 11

o trained one junior NCO to teach the post level three week CBRN class without any loss of continuity to the program

o conducted four Staff Assistance Visits to maintenance sections in various locations throughout the combat zone

o exhibited excellent training management; Platoon was always well informed and prepared for training and to execute any mission assigned

o trained fire team in STP 21-1 SMCT, Warrior Skill Level 1 tasks ensuring Soldiers where trained on the most current doctrine available

o ensured section was training and prepared to continue mission in her absense

o trained logistic contractors on proper theater movement procedures which enabled the Force Protection and Aerostat programs to better support the warfighter

o volunteered during off duty hours to train and prepare four Soldiers for the promotion board; resulted in all four Soldiers being selected for promotion

o despite not having formal training, instructed peers and superiors on M1151, Was solely responsible for success of training

o platoon readiness excellence; CTT, marksmanship, drivers training, APFT: all 100 percent

o inspires teamwork and a winning professional attitude

o training management excellence; students were always well informed and prepared for training

o enthusiastic, motivated and dedicated to provide every soldier with quality training

o motivated trainer and mentor; personally prepares and trains his soldiers for soldier, NCO and promotion boards

o instilled the desire to put forth the maximum effort; motivated his NCOs to take on tough missions and win

o doubled the BNCOC training capacity to support the surge in SSG promotions

o supervised training instructor rehearsals; ensured all instruction was logical and appropriate for the Iraqi students

o unmatched capacity for training soldiers

o designed and implemented a company Soldier Handbook which greatly enhanced the company’s success at NTC

o revised and refined training strategies which enhanced the quality of squad level training

o motivated trainer who sets high standards; trains soldiers until standards are met; no soldier left behind!

o tactical and technical proficiency exceeds that of his peers; Excellent, result-oriented trainer

o rescued a sub-standard weight control program, increased unit APFT scores

o an instrumental part of the planning and execution of the company STX lane training

o trained platoon to maintain technical and tactical proficiency

o delegated effectively and supervised the results; developed his subordinates to lead

o trained her platoon in Night Land Navigation Course; result 100% first time go

o conducted numerous small arms ranges qualifying over 1,000 soldiers

o flawlessly coordinated training and make-up training

o kept his SGT’s informed of changes to training and policies governing the conduct of training

o team player; assisted other Platoons in accomplishing their mission and training objectives

o computerized training, operational and administrative procedures

o developed plan to prepare unit NCOs for in processing, integration and training of newly assigned soldiers

o shared knowledge of operations and administration; enhanced performance of subordinates

o his platoon recognized as instrumental in the successful defense of the unit’s perimeter during NTC, repelling three OPFOR attacks

o motivated soldiers to learn with his enthusiasm and knowledge of training subjects

o received a Coin of Excellence from the Bde Cdr for conducting an outstanding Special Forces range in preparation for their upcoming Afghanistan rotation

o certified 50 personnel down to Company level throughout the Brigade to operate the EST 2000, resulting in dramatic improvement of weapons qualifications

o supervised Pre-Marksmanship Instruction utilizing the EST- 2000 for the entire Brigade and numerous external units to support weapons qualification

o has an extensive knowledgebase from previous deployments and does not hesitate to highlight lessons learned

Needs Improvement Bullets

o successfully assisted in the training of two NCO's on basic duties associated with the Intel Watch

o did not seek training or assistance when placed in a position outside of his typical duties

o he was not accountable for his actions when he went AWOL for 41 days, neglecting his basic soldier knowledge of being on time, in the right uniform and the right place

o does not use his free time to improve his knowledge of his MOS to become a more efficent and better leader

o overcame several obstacles to advancement but requires further training before...

o has made significant progress in qualification and may be ready for advancement

o demonstrated dedication and sincere effort to improve but limited by...

o negatively affected our state of readiness by...

o failed to take advantage of opportunities to advance

o achieved full qualification in position and needs to concentrate on...

o counseled by the Battalion CSM for having the least qualified platoon in the company

o failure to plan ahead or manage current training requirements reduced readiness

o his performance was below average and is in immediate need of retraining

o is indifferent to suggestions for advancement and misses many opportunities for improvement

o despite encouragement and efforts of peers, cannot qualify for duty and fails to make effort to improve

o will not use off-duty time for study or self-improvement, fails to advance in qualification

o failed to acquire the necessary skills and attributes to...

o despite the best efforts of trainers on and off-duty, was unsuccessful in...

o demonstrated a lack of knowledge in most assigned duties, does not comply with instructions and is a threat to the safety of this battery

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