CSM NCOER Narrative

Part IV - Performance Evaluation, Professionalism, Attributes, and Competencies

As senior enlisted leader of 2D Stryker Brigade, Command Sergeant Major Hill demonstrated exceptional leadership, outstanding resourcefulness and superior performance while facilitating the highest mission readiness in all facets of operations. He managed 37 unit personnel and mentored and encouraged new and junior Soldiers to excel individually. As a result there was a less than 5% ACFT failure, 45% promotion to the next grade, including one CSM selection, 70% retention rate of eligible personnel, and 94% individual medical readiness. His leadership fueled members' exemplary performance resulting in six Soldiers supporting a real-world emergent event and numerous other missions wordwide, providing an estimated 3,000 man-hours of operational support and resulting in two Commendation letters from the parent command.

Command Sergeant Major Jackson's unmatched leadership as the command senior enlisted leader was a beacon of inspiration and hope during a time of intense confusion and anxiety. She demonstrated exceptional and diverse expertise and unparalleled resourcefulness while managing critical and highly visible programs that achieved impressive results. She continued her efforts throughout the evolution of the training program by strengthening the knowledge among the enlisted, officers, GS civilians, and locally engaged staff. Her impeccable integrity and meticulous attention to detail was evident in the precision management of the equipment management division and multiple Army and personnel programs that achieved outstanding marks during the recent IG inspection.

CSM Charles distinguised himself with a remarkable performance while serving as Command Sergeant Major for the 2D Stryker's Cavalry Regiment's Regimental Support Squadron in Support of the Dutch Army during his deployemt to Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan. CSM Charles was a key factor in the planning and execution of Joint combat logistics patrols with the Dutch Army. His extensive and in-depth knowledge of logistics was instrumental in the planning phase of all missions leaving Kandahar. CSM Charles ensured that the forces from both Armies were integrated and trained on critical crew drills and more importantly, the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) of the enemy. He quickly coordinated with the leadership from the Dutch transportation platoon from the 200th Bevo Battalion and analyzed risks and possible challenges. He provided sound input into the development of risk reduction measures and strategies that proved critical to the safety of everyone involved in these missions. CSM Charles participated in several of the missions and besides providing command and control, assisted the convoy commander with making tactical, on-the-fly decisions which resulted in a successful mission. CSM Charles was a key player and role model for US forces in joint missions conducted with the Dutch Army and enabled their sucessful retrograde of equipement out of theater.

CSM Tucker planned and organized a three day Brigade Leadership Conference for all Brigade leadership including Battalion and Company Commanders, Command Sergeant Majors and First Sergeants and SSAs, SAAs and UAs. This included creating the training and events schedule, coordinating with the various staff sections to ensure that they were able to provide lessons on necessary topics, tracking, and monitoring attendance from the various down trace units. He also planned and organized a Brigade Dining out with a turnout of over 120 people. His involvement included making arrangements with the location and various venders necessary for the event, managing attendance and guest lists, arranging finances, writing the event script, and editing and printing the event program in house, saving hundreds of dollars. In addition, he planned and organized the Brigade Change of Command Ceremony which required making arrangements for the event location, obtaining catering, and managing invitations and attendance lists.

CSM Kline served with distinction in numerous positions as both a Maintenance and Logistics Manager and Military Police Team Leader. His unwavering dedication to duty and unparalleled professionalism has consistently earned the respect of subordinates, peers, and superiors alike. An innovative and around-the-clock troubleshooter, his vast mechanical knowledge greatly aided in the company's mission during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Although acting as an MP Command Sergeant Major, he used his knowledge to upgrade the company's wire mitigators in his spare time. His resulting design was far superior to others and he was requested by the 91st MP BN to upgrade their equipment as well. CSM Kline's relentless dedication and sense of duty was evident during two combat deployments in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, and allowed him to mentor junior soldiers and advise platoon leadership on a wide spectrum of theater and cultural topics.

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