Digital Training Management System (DTMS) NCOER Bullets

o designed, implemented, and monitored a comprehensive Brigade schools allocation table; increased utilization of available MACOM allocations to 120%

o established the 3rd Maneuver Enhancement Brigade Schools and DTMS programs; facilitated planning, recording, and assessing training

o synchronized duty schedules with education opportunities; placed over 3,500 Soldiers into over 100 Army schools

o monitored seven trackers to keep personnel up to date with training information; facilitated best training completion rate in 6 years

o maintained DTMS, Battalion Training Slides, Company Training Slides, APFT Cards, Weapons Cards, Mandatory Training, and Training Schedules; passed four out of four inspectons

o supervised training completion for all members; raised total trained via on-line training to 98%

o developed a platoon training requirement tracking system; identified overlooked shortfalls and took proactive measures to remedy

o created and implemented training course that trained all HQ detachment personnel on AWT Combat Life Saver; improved DTMS annual metrics by 50%

o taught himself DTMS and selflessly shared his knowledge with others; increased training efficiency by 40%

o demonstrated proficiency in the use of automated systems; selected as DTMS trainer for the company and trained three NCOs

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