o completed the Electronic Key Distribution Course; facilitated the automation of the COMSEC Key distribution system throughout the Afghanistan Theater of Operations

o completed 175 rRFCs; enabled ONE-NET Customers to continue operating and sustain secure operations while expanding network capabilities

o delivered 40 hours of on-the-job training on system security plans and cyber incident response to 7 members; enhanced overall security posture and manpower capabilities

o completed two Force revisions at 100% accuracy and implemented the NMT Time Standard into the METCAL system to ensure calibration availability

o ensured monthly crypto load occurred on time, annual Firefly load for 13 Taclanes occured, and coordinated three TACLANE repairs across two sites

o processed 39 Incident Response tickets; reduced process completion time by 30% and promoted safety across the Army and joint networks

o assisted in vault management; maintained 26 COMSEC accounts with 100% accountability and zero COMSEC Compromises or reportable COMSEC incidents

o supervised the implementation of 13 new NIPR network ports and three scheduled Layer One network upgrades; resulted in zero cyber security violations

o spearheaded the ATOs for ONE-NET, managing and completing 29 CAT II and 25 CAT III findings for the RBC ATOs, leading to 100% resolution

o performed ISSO duties; applied security controls to over 2,000 IT devices across 13 System Security Plans; defended vital resources

o authored 6 monthly Information Assurance web based bulletins for Fort Bragg; provided guidance to the Information Assurance managers and everyone on Fort Bragg

o demonstrated competency in system security, network infrastructure, and organizational security; became site qualified 30 days ahead of schedule

o analyzed 134 potential threats and liaised between 4 work centers to mitigate vulnerabilities expeditiously; recognized with the National Security Agency Star Award

o conducted RMF training which lead to the enforcement of 3 policies and the generation of 77 ATO artifacts; hardened network security

o closed down three Tactical Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (T-SCIF); reclaimed and redeployed 100,000 million dollars in equipment

o provided 20 hours of on-the-job training to 9 analysts on system security plans and cyber incident response; cultivated a collaborative learning culture

o trained 122 Soldiers as the Information Systems Security Officer, ensuring compliance with the highest level of Cyber Security standards

o directed 16 cyber security analysts supporting a 24-hour watch floor; responded to threats immediately, protected the NSA's $10B Signals Intelligence mission

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