Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC)

See also: Navy JTAC Evaluations

o TDY to Baumholder Army Installation, Germany, produced 47 JTACs in 18 months for unit

o completed over 5,000 controls, trained 89 JTACs, maintained records for 56 operators

o supported five SFAB teams/355 outside the wire missions in support of 5 ANA brigades and enabled over 50 Key Leadership Engagements to be conducted

o assisted in Army/Air Force joint ground operations; improved pilot/JTAC efficiency and strengthened CAS mission roles

o aided 7 JTACs with the control of 50 hours of Close Air Support resulting in 19 annual operational currencies being met

o instructed 55 joint personnel on emergency CAS procedures

o led Digital CAS training events for five Soldiers which eased night operations and shortened the kill chain before weapons employment

o completed the rigorous unit pre-JTAC qualification program, executing 20 hours of simulations and classes prior to his eligibility

o established new SOP for granting approval for kinetic strikes ISO of OFS ROE in TAAC-N

o provided timely and accurate targeting data to the on-scene JTAC and aided immeasurably in the success of OPN Ghorak Pass

air strike called in by JTAC

o led a team of 7 joint terminal attack controllers (JTAC) during a 27-day deployment in support of Operation Bright Star 2023

o managed $60,000 in travel expenditures and $16M in equipment deployed in support of Operation Bright Star 2023 with 100% accountability and no losses

o served as the Senior NCO and oversaw a rolling 72 hour schedule of close air support missions, airspace integration, and air-ground safety considerations

o served as the primary liaison to the Egyptian Air Force; coached 33 pilots, 39 JTACs from 9 countries in the execution of 39 sorties to support 68 controls

o served as TACP NCOIC for the Air Force's 10th Air Support Operations Squadron; demonstrated professionalism and efficiency while supervising TACP operations

o his efforts as forward Joint Terminal Attack Controller resulted in the successful prosecution of 13 High Payoff Targets in support of the commander's scheme of maneuver

o coordinated with the JTAC to ensure the safety of 150 personnel in Ghorak Pass during the checkpoint build, enabled the build team to finish 24 hours early

o deconflicted over 80 hours of Close Air Support and controlled more than 100 hours of ISR to overwatch friendly forces and provide an early threat warning system

o identified a safer route out of Ghorak Pass while controlling ISR which led to the safe return of 200 U.S. forces and local nationals

o attended the JTAC 3-3 revision conference and authored several chapters, providing direction for the future of air-ground integration

o prepared Soldiers to deploy to OIF and OEF, ensuring that TACP were ready to provide effective CAS support to forces engaging the enemies of the United States

o coordinated with IJC and JTACs in support of 188 OEF sorties ensuring 100% of objectives were met and 500+ Coalition Forces and civilian lives protected

o ensured that 33 aircrew were CSAR ready by ensuring 344 Evasion Plan of Action (EPAs) and 456 Evasion Charts (EVCs) were prepared prior to 755 TSP sorties

o executed day-to-day operations and improved aircrew knowledge of threats and weapons ensuring the entire Squadron was prepared for any and all contingencies

o controlled over 110 hours of Army rotary wing assets and air force fixed wing assets and coordinated sling loads for resupply during 2 ANA clearance operations

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