o reimaged 8 TCAIMS computers; restored workcenter productivity in less than 24 hours

o troubleshot two VSATs and completed numerous work orders this week despite having CQ, CQ recovery and completing mandatory training

o deployed, administered, and maintained a variety of mission essential information systems; key to establishing reins of command

o increased the capacity of many supported elements; facilitated the ability to accomplish any mission that was tasked

o pushed all soldiers in his command to excel and better themselves both professionally and personally; relentless and supportive NCO

o served with the TF 3-101 SASMO Technician Shop; outstanding performance and dedication to duty were a critical factor in the success of PRT Khost

o assisted Provincial Reconstruction Team Khost with mission essential communications requirements; corrected communications errors on over 20 occasions

o focused on metrics, her attention to detail resulted in 99% of the PRT's SPO maintenance Daily Inoperable and Monthly AMSS reports, SSA order tracking, and Recon Document Validations submitted on time

o properly destroyed COMSEC keys; sustained security in an austere deployed environment

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