See also: MOS 89B, Ammunition Specialist NCOER Bullets

o created and maintained subordinate TAMIS user accounts for personnel that are trained and certified; streamlined operations

o managed the command's training and ceremonial ammunition inventory, SOPs, policies, and regulations; indispensable factor in mission success

o received annual ammunition authorizations from HQ TAMIS manager and redistributed authorizations to subordinate TAMIS accounts; prioritization ensured mission support

o reviewed, approved, or denied all of the commander's fiscal year ammunition requests, shortage adjustments and unscheduled ammunition requests

o coordinated with the brigade S3 to resolve ammunition issues; ensured ammunition goals and objectives were met and ammunition support to the Companies

o queried TAMIS for tailored ammunition reports in order to identify training or training ammunition deficiencies; foresight eliminated all shortfalls

o prepared TAMIS reports for the S-3 and BDE that addressed systemic ammunition issues; negotiated resolutions to correct deficiencies

o utilized TAMIS to maintain the command's ammunition utilization rate at 90% or higher with a goal of 95% or higher; optimized limited resources

o analyzed the command's fiscal year ammunition requests and ammunition adjustments and approved release to the Ammunition Manager

o developed and implemented TAMIS and command ammunition training; improved interagency coordination and planning

o coordinated and facilitated a TAMIS rodeo for the battalions on Buehring to familiarize and refresh clerks on day to day 10-level operation and troubleshooting

o planned, prepared, and resourced multiple HHBN operations to include Joint Reception, Staging, Onward Movement, and Integration (JRSOI) operations, and the USARNORTH's Best Warrior Competition

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