UH-60 Crew Chief NCOER Bullets

o provided excellent guidance and advice to the Battalion Standardiztion Instructor on all aspects of the non-rated flight training program

o habitually anticipated mission requirements allowing the command to act with speed and precision

o developed a new Battalion level gunnery program that ensured complete compliance with all Army Aviation gunnery publications and standards

o advised, tracked and slotted all Battalion UH-60 NRCM manning, confirming all companies were ready to complete the mission

o was always available to direct, advise, and educate NRCM personnel on the standards of training and development

o scheduled and planned all gunnery events for the Battalion for a period of 1 year

o provided direct advice and guidance to five standardization instructors within the Battalion in preparation for an upcoming ARMS inspection

o trained and mentored two troopers for the standardization instructors course who subsequently met or exceeded all standards for class completion

o provided exemplary coaching skills during the M-240 ground range qualification; resulted in 63 fully qualified aircrew members

o first standardization instructor to guide the company through Table XII aerial gunnery; leading to 21 aircrews fully qualified

o maintained the appropriate level of fitness to accomplish the mission and demanded the same of Soldiers

o completed assigned task on time and put forth adequate effort toward ensuring his duties and responsibilities met leader expectations

o served as lane safety during Delta Company's PR range; ensured the safety of over 15 Soldiers

o recognized opportunities and took decisive action within the commander's intent ensuring every mission's accomplishment

o mission-focused NCO; performed superb crewchief duties during the BN's Aerial Gunnery, 1st BCTs CALFEX

o eagerly passed lessons learned to every Soldier throughout the company preparing all for increased leadership responsibilities

o dedicated NCO who stepped up to the plate and volunteered to go to JRTC 17-06 in place of another Soldier

o developed Soldiers through motivation, mentoring and coaching; resulted in five Soldiers completing over 250 correspondence courses hours

o mentored one Soldier to the promotion board, resulting in achieving promotable status

o influential NCO whose true dedication to the unit bled over and resulted in 600 man-hours and 123 flight hours in support of Viper company

o true and devoted NCO; direct leadership resulted in the company maintaining an 86.4% operational readiness rate

o ensured 100% accountability and serviceability of over $13 thousand dollars in tools

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