Administrative NCO NCOER Bullets

o processed over 250 DOEMERB exams, remedials, and waivers; sustained operations despite manning shortfall

o streamlined the process that facilitated the disenrollment of 35 cadets; improved discipline and preserved academic environment

o processed travel and pay for over 400 cadets; ensured continuous and accurate administrative support

o managed the HRA shop for a 5 month period; kept up with demand with only 5% reduction in service

o ensured almost 200 open purchase orders were invoiced prior to EOY; unit poised for unprecedented budget surplus

o managed over 60 capital assets for SRC; worked behind the scenes to sustain operations amid the most austere financial climate in 15 years

o kept Soldiers updated on PHA, Dental, Vision, Hearing, Immunizations, HIV, and sick call; ensured 100% medical readiness for 962nd QM CO Soldiers

o contributed to unit readiness by pushing out names, times, and locations of where Soldiers needed to report; efforts vital to unit efficiency

o acquired proficiency in DTMS and improved the unit's training organization; optimized limited resources and opportunities

o produced well-structured memorandums; played a crucial role in the efficient dissemination of critical information throughout the unit

o conducted comprehensive briefing on Promotion Point Worksheet updates and Junior enlisted promotion board preferences

o equipped soldiers with vital career development knowledge; optimized career progression and empowered 391st MP BN junior enlisted and junior NCOs

o assisted in running SRP for 117 soldiers; accomplished 90% completion rate, optimizing unit's combat effectiveness

o supported ADVON team for range operations; ensured seamless setup, expediting training for 240 personnel


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