Best Warrior Competition NCOER Bullets

o participated in as many events as possible in order to motivate and instill confidence in Soldiers

o developed a hands-on training module which facilitated the overall success of D.A.G.R training for the Combatives Class in preparation for the Best Warrior Competition

o her professionalism represented the 266th Quartermaster Battalion favorably and contributed to a successful and competitive event

o her sense of cohesion and dedication during the Camp Darby Best Warrior Competition ensured that her NCOs were highly trained, prepared, and motivated

o assisted in several of the events throughout the Best Warrior Competition; acted as the only OP4 for situational training exercise 3, acting in both halves of the lane for 9 iterations

o demonstrated and performed in accordance with the Army Values by selflessly performing in the Best Warrior Competition held at Camp Stanley

o demonstrated professionalism, honor, and loyalty to the 540th Transportation Company by performing in the Best Warrior Competition with less than a week's notice and preparation

o demonstrated Personal Courage by attending the Best Warrior Competition and performing above and beyond the expectations placed on him by the 540th Transportation Company

o played a vital role while supporting the MRMC Best Warrior Competition

o planned and organized the Brigade's Best Warrior Competition

o demonstrated high levels of knowledge and military bearing while conducting mystery event scenarios for numerous competitors

o assisted as a recorder for MSG Kase for every event on the BWC training schedule

o his foresight, organizational skills, and attention to detail were key factors in the successful competition

o kept and maintained all score sheets and data

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