Border Security and Border Patrol NCOER Examples

RVSS/IFT Operator

o instructed 20 Soldiers on the operation and maintenance of Remote Video Surveillance System Upgrade (RVSS-U) system; expanded coverage and subsequent apprehensions

o qualified on the RVSS and IFT systems in less than a week; multiplied Border Patrol security

o volunteered for the Southwest Border Mission with the Department of Homeland Security; safe-guarded the Texas border

o manned and operated Integrated Fixed Tower (IFT) system and RVSS; validated system effectiveness

o augmented U.S. Border Patrol; apprehended numerous undocumented aliens and seized 300 kgs of illegal drugs smuggled through the Southwest border

o embraced new duties and quickly gained the knowledge needed to support the mission; improved Immigration and Customs Enforcement

o provided accurate identification of over 100 illegal immigrants; reduced administrative processing and holding time by 24 hours

o processed daily reports for the group supervisor expeditiously; reduced identification and processing errors

o his intelligence background expanded the office's ability to confirm the identity of illegal immigrants exponentially

o operated forklifts, changed tires, and arranged vehicle transportation; increased logistics capability by 50%

o maintained individual upgrade training while simultaneously supporting the border mission; disciplined Soldier

o provided logistical support for Task Force 51; ensured 1,000 border patrol operatives have billeting and logistic support

o coordinated the timely and accurate execution of daily operations provided by U.S. Army Joint Task Force North

o supported United States Customs Border Protection and United States Border Patrol efforts; maintained border integrity

o conducted over 1,000 post hours and over 100 guard mount hours; ensured the safety of local residents and property

o lead 13 Marines in detaining and processing over 40 illegal transport apprehensions; increased detection by 30 percent

o toured and maintained constant daily reconnaissance and surveillance of over 100 miles; enhanced border effectiveness

o executed over 13,000 successful surveillance hours from post points near Algodones, Mexico to post points near Ajo, Arizona

o supported the Southwest Border Mission; facilitated the Customs and Border Protection efforts at Deming New Mexico

o conducted daily maintenance on a variety of vehicles and ATVs; kept fleet at best operational rate in 5 years

o through his exceptional work ethic and managerial skills, he was instrumental to the success of daily border operations

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