National Capital Region (NCR) Deployment
NCOER Bullets

o denied citizens the right to assemble and petition the government for a redress of grievances; reenforced non representative rule

o shored up illegitimate government; prosecuted patriots, violated Posse Comitatus Act to enforce domestic policy; mission success

o identified un-masked tourist who sneezed in public; reported her to authorities and took immediate action to isolate himself to prevent possible virus spread

o completed a rotation to NCR filling a SSG or above billet; protected Capital from unauthorized loitering

o assisted in the apprehension of six tourists on the capitol grounds; reduced risk of riot or organized protests

o deployed to DC; prevented citizens from assembling and petitioning the government for a redress of grievances

o protected National Capitol Region; heroic actions recognized by award of Presidential Inauguration Support Ribbon

o defended capital from unscheduled sight seeing; eliminated threat and maintained security under austere conditions

o deployed to National Capital Region (NCR) 16 Jan 2021 to 23 Jan 2021 in support of the 59th POTUS inauguration; maintained order throughout NCR

o oversaw COVID screening of military and Capital personnel for the duration of the deployment; sustained critical operations

o provided around the clock service as the only emergency COVID screening response team throughout the entire event; resulted in no new infections

o served as a media representative and spokesman and coordinated with the PAO and WJCL news; reinforced the Guard's positive image

o assisted the Oklahoma National Guard in arranging transportation to and from Will Rogers World Airport for Task Force Oklahoma's mission for the 2021 Presidential Inauguration in Washington D.C.

o served as Domestic Operations Civil Unrest element lead in the National Capitol Region; ensured the safety of demonstrators and the integrity of national monuments

o organized the secure movement of 5,000 ARNG members across the National Capitol Region; key element in defensive operations

o supported Task Force Endurance during Presidential inauguration; secured the Library of Congress and the Capitol building

o demonstrated professionalism and vigilance while defending Capitol; maintained bullet proof security of Area of Operation

o deployed to support EADS DET 1/263rd AAMDC Task Force; protected 30,000 square miles of National Capital Region (NCR) airspace

o provided critical support to the Joint Force Headquarters transportation team; met complex and shifting requirements, enabled on-time logistics support

o oversaw the movement of Oklahoma ARNG to the National Capital region; ensured the Task Force arrived and departed the staging location in a timely manner

o managed access to over 9,000 storage lots within the National Capital Region; contributed to achieving optimal levels of performance under a continuingly increased workload


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