Civil Affairs NCOER Bullets

Civil Affairs Specialist

o aided immeasurably in the success of Civil Affairs Team 4's Medical Civic Action Program mission in Uganda from 16 May 2014- 15 August 2014

o assisted the team in establishing communications and connectivity with Special Operations Command South (SOCSO); ensured the team had SIPR capabilities during Contingency Operations (CONOP) in remote areas

o coordinated the camp joint service volunteer program and English discussion and movie nights at local orphanages; improved trust of locals

o created and distributed the required theater mission CONOP; provided the foundation for productive Security Force Working Group (SFWG) meetings in three Areas of Interest (AOI) while deployed to the Dominican Republic

o demonstrated outstanding competence in a variety of skills including emergency response training, recruiting, interface with emergency managers, and preparing soldiers for future deployments in unpredictable environments

o drove the 411th CA BN's Field Training Exercise; improved the TOC's ability to manage the fight, while also facilitating the Commander's ability to effect command and control

o ensured B Co had the most realistic training possible in preparation for NTC rotation 15-09; directly enabled B Co's successful validation exercise

o established a driver saftey program to ensure all drivers knew the commands from the TC; guaranteed no incidents or injuries

o his language proficiency earned the trust and confidence of all the officials engaged, to include the Government of the Dominican Republic Ministry of Defense and several local community leaders

o identified a future project that would improve the quantity and quality of water supplied to the town and which could result in future IRT partnership opportunities between the City of Unalaska, Qawalangi Tribe and the Department of Defense

o identified an SOP that didn't agree with CJTF-HOA policy; assisted in the revision of the CJTF-HOA's Pay Agent training curriculum

o instructed contract drivers on vehicle maintenance and required PMCS before each mission; no equipment failures during duration of mission

o managed five CAT 4901 contract vehicles and five contract drivers; produced efficient and reliable fire and forget operations

o oversaw remedial traing at the M9 range; provided guidance during multiple iterations until 100% of D CO 490th CA BN became qualified

o partnered with the RRF and the Kuwaiti MPs to provide seamless security durng critical project; prevented any obstacle to on-time completion and exfil

o prepared B Co for NTC rotation 15-09; demonstrated competence beyond his pay grade in the planning, instruction, and execution of multiple training events throughout the year

o provided exceptional and essential contributions to a variety of battalion-wide training events aimed at mobilizing and deploying to the Horn of Africa; made marked improvements in the unit's overall proficiency

o provided vital support to the 411th CA BN's Field Training Exercise; established and maintained VSAT, Blue Force Tracker and tactical communications throughout the exercise

o qualified as sharp shooter on the M9 Qualification Range during the Pre Mobilization at Ft. Dix; advanced toward deployment readiness

o represented CA due to his language skills and cultural knowledge; his language abilities were utilized as the primary means of communication during key leader engagements in the Dominican Republic

o represented the 404th CA Bn and hosted several critical KLEs; brought high visibility projects back on track after the project sponsors encountered difficulty

o served as CA Team Chief for DST Zormat, Afghanistan; arranged numerous KLEs with the Sub Governor of the province and other Key Leaders

o sought out female engagements and coordinated with Haramaya POC to make a public address regarding HIV awareness

o supported the Dire Dawa FET program and coordinated Ethiopian camp MWR events

o volunteered for deployment to the Dominican Republic; his knowledge of the AOR was beneficial during vehicle movement operations and in identifying key facilities during civil reconnaissance missions

o volunteered for his second deployment and demonstrated selfless service by going above and beyond his duties in support of Operation Enduring Freedom-Caribbean and Central America (OEF-CCA)

Project Engineer

o developed a modification discipline tracker used to analyze the quality of designs on projects throughout Israel during his four month deployment there

o deployed to Israel and filled the role of project engineer, assisted in close out of projects, and negotiated change orders

Civil Information Management Chief

o served as the Civil Information Management Chief for the United States Army South Headquarters, Civil Military Operations (G-9)

o made major contributions to the initial development and success of a Civil Information Management Cell

o worked outside his MOS to provide training to S2 section; taught Active Listening Skill class and PRT

Civil Affairs Team Medic

o oversaw the health and welfare of CAT-6 while serving as Team Medic for CAT-6 while forward deployed to Camp Singo Uganda

o performed support mission on a moment's notice; contributed to CAT-6's successful completion of the CIMIC/CA Tactical training course

o worked long hours researching, planning, developing, coaching and mentoring future CIMIC/CA Soldiers in the Ugandan Peoples Defense Forces

o assisted in the training of over 70 soldiers from Ugandan Battle groups 25 and 26 prior to their deployment; improved their survival ability

Operations NCO

o processed more than 20 APACS personnel clearances and 7 military clearances for Exercise Southern Accord 2015, USDAO Lusaka, Zambia

o planned, organized and executed multiple movements, lodging, and meetings between MG Williams and VA Franken with their Zambian counterparts, in the absense of the OPSCO

Air Load Planning NCOIC

o made all arrangements neccessary to successfully deploy and re-deploy all 47th Civil Support Team equipment

o supervised the review and adjustment of over one hundred line items during Joint Inspections; completed flawlessly with both 172nd AW aerial port and Andrews AFB aerial port

Engagement Officer

o served as Engagement Officer for the Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) in Mosul, Iraq during Operation New Dawn

o improved operational procedures within the PRT; streamlined collaboration between the Departments of State, Justice, USAID, the Corps of Engineers and the Department of Defense

o served as a trusted advisor to the PRT Team Leader, a member of the Senior Executive Service; sustained the PRT as the premier joint, multinational and interagency organization in Iraq

o coordinated daily with the movement support element; enabled 4 air movements and 35 ground movements which supported ambassadors within the Department of State and General Officers

o arranged and attended over 45 off-the-FOB ground and air movements in a combat environment; enabled the PRT Team Leader to focus on his engagements

o prepared the PRT Team Leader for successful engagements by researching participants and providing talking points; facilitated the expression of the U.S. strategic policy in Ninewa Province

o coordinated daily activities in support of the PRT and planned and executed all missions for the PRT Team Leader

o developed a proactive schedule of KLEs; provided GOI ministers, Provincial Government officials, general officers and Brigade Commanders with continuity and avenue of communication

o forged new relationships with adjacent units to ensure superior support of PRT missions; reduced delays due to material or personnel support to zero

Fusion NCO

o instructed Medical Proficiency Classes and Combat Lifesaver's Tasks to 9 Afghan LNOs; achieved 100% qualification of all the Afghan National Army and Afghan Border Patrol members assigned to the Khyber Joint Border Coordination Center

o assisted the Khyber Joint Border Coordination Center's medical staff in qualifying; achieved certification ahead of schedule without deviating from the course objectives

o served as a J2 Fusion NCO at the Khyber Joint Border Coordination Center; integrated the efforts of multiple units while reducing duplication

o taught professional military development classes to Pakistan Military Liaison Officers; obtained common operational picture that served as a foundation for joint efforts

o instructed classes on Land Navigation, Map Reading, Afghanistan Terrain Features, Military Acronyms and Symbols; improved readiness and solidified terms of engagement

Weapons Loan Specialist

o ensured 100% accountability of all equipment valued at 5 million dollars at Camp Atterbury Maneuver Training Center

o implemented a tracking program for civilian issued weapons; achieved a 100% return rate and accountability resulting in the completion of a AAA audit with no errors on 8,823 property book items

o provided APFT guidance to 12 fellow soldiers which resulted in 7 improved AFPT scores of 230 above and 5 passing

Host Nation Liaison Officer

o developed professional relationships with host nation special operations command leadership; obtained access to and support for training sites

o arranged access to training sites and the scheduling of 250 training events, 73 logistics convoys and the sustainment of mission critical skills for special operators during six months of crisis reponse readiness

Aide de Camp

o coordinated the Commanding General's travel; combined trips and produced a savings of over $3K

o established, coordinated and maintained the 352nd Civil Affairs Command and commanding general's calendar

CAQC/CST Instructor

o trained and qualified D CO 3-1SWTG (A) Soldiers to deploy in support of Civil Affairs operations around the world

o mentored Soldiers during course of instruction; provided Soldiers with professional and personal counseling throughout the course

Claims Advanced Training Coordinator

o served as a DRR Resolutions and Receivership Specialist for DRR Claims while assigned to the Claims Advanced Training Team

o coordinated the first SME meetings; restored order and improved working relationships in a chaotic and misunderstood assignment

o arranged meetings in response to lack of progress; brought the department SMEs together for the first time and streamlined operations

o followed up regularly with all departments; produced the lowest project breakdown rate in three years and was critical to the safety of FDIC personnel involved with the Deposit Claims Advanced Training

FIST Sr NCO Advisor

o served as Task Force Arrowhead Master Driver, senior NCO FIST advisor and maintenance NCOIC for Team Goliad and Security Force Adviser Team 46


o trained 17 soldiers in the 95th Civil Affairs brigade on welding; expanded capability allowed support of many outside units


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