Communication NCOER Bullets

o briefed 112 personnel on suspicious e-mail; fine-tuned proper handling, enhanced awareness of threat and response

o briefed Commander; demonstrated targeting pod advancements; showcased "Deploy to Fight" ability

o briefed Ft Bragg functional managers; lauded MOS development and impact; perpetuated unit standards

o coached junior Soldiers in professional and institutional development

o communicated Army standards effectively with his personal behavior and example

o counseled troops on common first-term events and circumstances; reduced corrective counseling and Article 15s by 50%

o dedicated 20 hours to mentor high school students; enhanced civilian knowledge of Army life and mission

o defense ambassador; educated 800 at newcomer's brief; increased awareness of member legal rights and defense counsel mission

o delegated responsibility to NCOs; increased Soldier involement and improved quality of maintenance

o demonstrated tact while negotiating new roles and responsibilities for the shop

o educated Croatian leaders on maintenance programs; acquainted 11 officers; US-NATO alliance strengthened

o eloquent speaker; briefed Area Defense Counsel (ADC) roles to over 40 Senior NCO Induction attendees; enhanced defense counsel image

o emceed Commander's call; recognized 12 Soldiers, presented six decorations; upheld traditions

o established two-way communications and involved team in decision-making; multiplied section capabilities

o expressed himself clearly

o face of the Battalion! Hosted DV visit and annual awards ceremony as emcee; honored "best of the best"

o facilitated Combat Arms program; briefed daily participants; enabled Unit to meet program goal

o fielded Question and Answer session for first-term Soldiers; cultivated future military NCO corps

o guest speaker during High School graduation; mentored graduates on military core values; superb role model

o hand picked to brief Commander on maintenance capabilities; received coin for communications skill, aided DA-level Maintenance Effectiveness Award

o honed speaking ability; narrated Commander's Call and guided event format; recongnized 5 exemplary Soldiers

o influenced section production and readiness by keeping Soldiers informed on mission changes

o inspired Soldiers to seek self improvement through Basic Education Skills Program; raised the Soldiers GT score xx points

o listened to concerns of lower ranks and upchanneled; identified and removed these obstacles to maintain morale and productivity

o mentored new Soldiers until they established themselves in the unit; forged an integrated climate of morale, productivity, and readiness

o motivated and prepared Soldiers for professional military schools which resulted in his squad's highly competitive WLC scores

o orchestrated SAPR brief; organized 2 hour training session; safeguarded 77 Soldiers and improved working environment

o organized unit tours and briefed junior officers; expanded logistical insight of 13 officers

o persuaded team to participate in implementing changes in procedures

o practiced public speaking; volunteered to lead Commander's Call; boosted morale of 100 members

o preempted mistakes and errors by addressing incidents from previous deployments before they occured again

o promoted a professional, safe, and productive work environment by his example

o provided clear, easy to understand instructions and kept feedback channels open to correct course

o public face of the Area Defense Counsel (ADC); briefed over 100 at monthly briefings; inspired trust and confidence

o relayed updates and changes to team; kept battery informed and poised for new direction

o translated the Commander's intent into relevant terms for the workcenter

o volunteered as emcee for 2016 banquet; embodied Army Heritage; role model for all personnel, enhanced unit cohesion

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