Covid-19 Response NCOER Bullets

o deployed with Aco 1-186 to Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center, Oregon to assist during COVID surge; provided security inside the facility and on the grounds

o provided security for Asante Rogue RMC; apprehended and arrested four individuals identified as trespassers on the property

o augmented security personnel at Asante Rogue RMC; restrained and transferred 10 uncooperative and aggressive patients that needed to be sedated and relocated

o conducted over 100 patrols around the Asante Rogue RMC property and outlying buildings; prevented unauthorized family members from visiting patients

o managed traffic flow and directed HELO traffic for the hospital's high-risk patients; maintained timely access for staff and patients

o provided transportation and storage of valuables for patients in the Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center's care; multiplied patient capacity

o served as liaison between security and A CO 1-186 command center; integrated efforts and sustained effective operations

o created and standardized patient education for covid-19 post vaccination procedures; reduced known complications

o vaccinated over 2200 civilian personnel, increasing herd immunity for over 60k patients

o served as FEMA support mission team lead; supervised 5 technicians ensuring safety and quality control for over 100k vaccines

o provided medical triage and screening for over 2k patients; identified 6 high risk patients, prevented possible life threatening allergic reactions

o provided leadership with COVID-19 Restriction of Movement document; used to educate over 1,500 Florida National Guard members

o conducted surveillance of the deployment health assessment process; identified obstacles to accuracy and reporting and mitigated errors

o reviewed records and coordinated lab testing and medication supply for 320 Florida National Guard members; established readiness baseline

o contributed to seven deployment packages in support of COVID-19 NORTHCOM missions in under 30 days; augmented CONUS-wide effort

o coordinated over 200 tele-health deployment readiness health assessments with zero discrepancies; sustained medical operations

o ensured standards were met for medical waivers and physical exams were sent to the appropriate approving authority; provided quality control

o provided counseling and education for at-risk COVID-19 populations and investigated disease outbreaks; broke the chain of infection

o answered questions or concerns as they related to over 75 positive cases within the Idaho NG; provided accurate information, reduced concerns

o monitored symptoms and provided medical support and treatment plans for members diagnosed with COVID; conserved critical manpower

o dedicated over 200 man-hours reviewing positive case reports for the Idaho National Guard; kept the overall error rates to less than 2%

o served as the medical expert and full time liaison to IDARNG leadership; increased information flow by 50%

o reviewed over 150 medical cases and coordinated efforts with Army medical staff; prevented spread of pandemic

o developed timely daily reports and analysis of trends for our full time staff and leadership; poised for effective response

o provided astute leadership during crisis as full time Medical operations commander; provided rapid response to crisis, limited contamination to 1%

o sustained unit effectiveness during the difficulties and changes faced throughout the COVID 19 pandemic; improved overall cohesion of HHC 980 EN BN

o served as Operations NCO for the Chemical Battalion's Operation MORBUS REMEDIUM during the COVID-19 National Emergency; enhanced the unit's success

o helped 165th BDE stand up virtual classrooms for COVID-19 for the necessity of social distancing; ensured no lapse in training for the BCT recruits

o organized civilian telework; assisted with virtual meetings and teleconferences and facilited ceremonies under COVID-19 conditions; sustained operations

o overcame obstacles to ensure the ultimate success of US European Command (USEUCOM) Cyber Endeavor 2020 amidst an emerging global pandemic

o worked tirelessly to ensure that all missions were conducted in accordance with guidance and regulations from both the Army and Air National Guard elements

o coordinated continuously both internally and externally in order to maintain situational awareness of lessons learned throughout the nation; took appropriate actions in response to the Covid-19 pandemic

o reviewed all policies, provided legal advice to the Commander, and managed all legal inquiries and investigations concerning the pandemic

o continued adjusted operations while adhering to quarantine regulations, produced timely intelligence reports, and maintained contact with command staff

o directed C2 operations for all 14,000 Alabama National Guardsmen during the novel COVID-19 pandemic; protected the state of Alabama

o pioneered methods for conducting training remotely when faced with the obstacles to in-person training presented by the Corona Virus Infectious Disease of 2019 (COVID-19)

o synchronized OSC efforts by integrating with ODA 7126 during the joint training exercise; created a full spectrum response plan designed to sustain interoperability during the pandemic

o provided needed tracking and administrative leadership during the pandemic; asset to the support staff

o served as the liaison for Public Health professionals; provided crucial pandemic support services

o coordinated key support services to ensure detailed tracking for over 150 possible cases; behind-the-scenes workhorse for the Medical team

o backfilled the phone system for COVID lines setup; provided critical tools for pandemic management

o answered over 300 hotline calls; ensured timely accuracy and customer service to over 1300 members and families

o employed efficient traffic control measures for over 20,000 vehicles at 23 events; ensured no accidents and a smooth distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine

o participated in 23 mass vaccination events; contribution resulted in more than 23,000 Missourians being inoculated

o worked tirelessly to ensure proper vaccination of Nigerien Air Base 101 populace including surrounding austere locations; prevented contamination

o led North Dakota ARNG COVID response efforts; led every element in the 191st MP CO in establishing their operational responsibilities

o oversaw 52,000 points-of-contact in 63 rural communities across North Dakota; sustained orderly, aggressive medical response

o processed 164 PCR tests; identified and quarantined infected members; reduced spread of virus and sustained operations

o volunteered his time to alleviate a staffing emergency at TMC Buehring; helped the 411th Hospital Center FWD meet mission requirements

o worked with senior medics to train and qualify in emergency medical care; alleviated staff shortage during a time of critical need

o provided lab services to the TMC during off-duty hours; met medical surge demand

o analyzed manning and developed strategic response for over 1,400 Idaho National Guard personnel; delivered medical care while sustaining operations

o distributed $4.5 million worth of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test over 5 months; maintained chain of custody, zero losses

o administered over 1,000 tests during the Mobile Team Mission to cities and nursing homes; contained likely outbreak

o trained over 30 nurses including CNA on proper swabbing safety procedures; prevented contamination of patients and staff

o created a solid team to reduce normal operations within the State in order to support COVID crisis; sustained critical operations

o set a precedent as professional military leader and disaster coordinator for major disasters for over 5,000 IDNG members

o developeded organized teams; tracked and treated over 150 COVID cases within the IDARNG

o tracked 1,400 members within Brigade; ensured sustained operations while limiting the spread of the COVID-19 virus

o performed as the data collector for COVID Hotlines within Idaho; ensured baseline accuracy for evolving medical response

o screened over 200 phone calls and recorded them on Joint Forces spreadsheets for IDARNG leadership review on daily basis; ensured accuracy for evolving response

o fielded questions for over 1300 members within the Brigade; provided useful and accurate information, reducing pandemic concerns

o served as site support for Testing Team Seven; enhanced and expanded testing capabilities and promoted team cohesion

o provided COVID-19 testing site support; assisted team medical staff in performing 22,000 COVID-19 tests on Nebraska citizens

o served as medical support for the main gate ECP on Camp Navajo Military Training Site; maintained ECP medic standards while supporting D.E.M.A, Task Force MED, and Medical Command during the COVID-19 mission

o provided medical support for the main gate ECP on Camp Navajo Military Training Site; conducted more than 250 on the spot temperature and medical history checks to verify the health and wellness of all personnel who entered the ECP

o provided medical support for the main gate ECP; ensured the safety and well being of Camp Navajo Military Training site occupants

o provided medical support for the main gate ECP; conducted impromptu courses to personnel not familiar with established policy to reiterate the standards of health and wellness set by Task Force MED

o planned and coordinated a Facebook messaging campaign that amplified the reach of the Guatemalan Ministry of Defense Public Affairs Office in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

o responded to hotline questions with professionalism and empathy; delivered critical care and information to over 1400 members and their families

o created schedules for the team during pandemic while managing the line of duty processes for the COVID tracking of over 200 members with about 75 positive cases with steady climb

o established precedence protocols for future catastrophic events; increased medical and operational readiness

o volunteered for additional duties as medical support staff tracking team while simultaneously providing over 100 man-hours in continuous program analysis

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