Enlisted Aide NCOER Bullets

o served as Enlisted Aide on the staff of the Commander, U.S. Central Command and facilitated operations in the U.S. Central Command Area of Responsibility

o planned, managed, and executed over 100 VIP luncehons and dinners supporting over 1,000 Flag and executive level distinguished visitors

o trained seven junior culinary specialists on five-star quality food preparation and presentation

o prepared for CG and CSM transition activities; wrote dozens of farewell, retirement, and change of command speeches that positively portrayed senior leaders

o developed and maintained an extensive Protocol database with information on over 100 personnel and conference rooms; improved efficiency of meetings

o served as facilitator to SACLANT Conference Room and SACT Auditorium; provided administrative and technical support to over 500 NATO meetings and conferences

o performed in a professional manner and exceeded expectations in a multi-service environment

o augmented the protocol office and served as a representative in receiving distinguished guests and foreign dignitaries

o supervised maintenance and operation of facilities in and around the CG's official quarters including upkeep of allocated office space

o maintained accountability of all government property within the quarters valued at over 1.5 million dollars

o oversaw the preparation, presentation and service of food and beverages at all official functions and formal dinners

o scheduled and conducted official social functions at the Lieutenant General's quarters and assisted in the management of the Deputy Chief of Staff's official residence

o provided advice and support to the Commanding Officer in the form of discussions, briefs, and written products in order to give him/her the decision space required to make informed choices

o forecasted and processed all administrative actions for the Battalion within time limits

o supported 9 award ceremonies, a promotion, and a change of command with inventory turn over

o attended all leadership meetings to stay abreast of deployment updates; kept Soldiers apprised on changes; ensured unit was ahead of schedule

o maintained a 3,020 square foot registered historical home worth $650,000; foresight reduced upkeep budget by 50%

o assisted the Commanding General (CG) with the care, cleanliness, and presentation of uniforms, military equipment, and personal items; always accurate and appropriate

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