Family Readiness Liaison (FRL) NCOER Bullets

o designed a Family Care Plan tracker; delivered a unique tracker with never before tracked metrics; raised personnel readiness forecast by 50%

o developed a one-of-a-kind Company level Family Care Plan binder for the battalion; standardized readiness review procedures

o demonstrated a high level of professionalism and decisive action; improved Soldier care and increased team cohesion

o assisted the Bn commander in maintaining an active and effective FRG and overall Family Readiness Program

o took charge and built the Detachment's Family Support Program from the ground up, achieved 90% participation

o deployed to Joint Readiness Training Cycle 14-01 to deepen understanding of separation issues and requirements

o served in a position in which he had no previous experience or training but demonstrated confidence and rare commom sense while handling all situations involving Paratroopers' Families

o recruited a civilian FRG team to create a consistent and strong Family Support Network

o referred family members with issues or concerns to the applicable community and or military resource; reduced Soldier anxiety

o made routine 100% contact with all Family members to ensure awareness of programs and support

o coordinated logistical support for the FRG from the unit to include commander-approved use of government property and facilities

o served as the Battalion Family Readiness Liaison and oversaw the daily operation and administration of the family readiness program

o contacted new Soldiers and civilian employees within 14 days of assignment; provided thorough briefing and obtained necessary information and records

o put the Nation, the Army, and his unit before himself in voluntering to help out his unit with countless hours with their FRG

o supported numerous missions as the S1/Adjutant OC for deploying units while participating in numerous CPX training events

o led a company of engineers through a difficult post-deployment period, integrating deployed and stay-behind Soldiers upon their return

o maintained up-to-date and accurate FRG rosters, recall rosters, and e-mail distribution lists; reduced notification and coordination delays by 90%

o provided support, communicating command-level care for the well being of 200 soldiers and their families


o selected from among peers as the commander's representative to provide support for the Total Army Family Program per Army Regulation 600-20

o sustained and improved quality of life, Family readiness, and retention and met the Army's obligation to Soldiers, civilian employees, and their Families

o acted as a communications link between the Families, Family Readiness Group and its leaders; expanded awareness of programs and resources

o provided admin support, guidance, technical assistance, and community resource expertise for the FRG as well as referrals for all aspects of Family readiness

o worked directly with the commander to ensure effective Family assistance and support

o his strong leadership among the Family Readiness Group created an atmosphere of calmness and confidence throughout his tenure

o his involvement with and care for the well being of his Soldiers was evident in his actions

o conducted multiple training events and staff assistance visits to increase standardization and compliance across the BDE

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