Finance and Accounting Officer NCOER Bullets

o supported over 140,000 US Army Reserve soldiers in the USAR Pay Center; exceeded the DFAS standard of 99% accuracy in coding transactions

o demonstrated expert knowledge of authoritative financial systems; accurately reported reliable financial data to the Office of Secretary of Defense and Congress

o coordinated financial support daily for the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute for staff and students during Hurricane Irma; delivered 145 travel vouchers totaling over 200,000

MCBH & Camp Smith Post Office

o as a finance clerk at MCBH Post Office, completed over 1,450 successful transactions worth $56,028.73 and helped over 1,300 Marines, Sailors & Soldiers to ship their packages

o as a Finance clerk at Camp H.M. Smith Post Office, completed over 872 successful Transactions worth $24,704.96 and helped Marines, Sailors & Soldiers to ship their packages

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